ALARIC Premiere New Track Via Pitchfork

With the release of Bay Area dark punk act ALARIC‘s self-titled debut full-length nearing release early this October, today Pitchfork Media have unveiled a song from the forthcoming album to the public. The third track from Alaric, the ominous “Your God” showcases some of the prime examples of how ALARIC infuse their Anarcho punk roots with Gothic, post-punk stylings formulaically creating a unique take on these vintage styles.

Meet “Your God” right here

Featuring former and current members of Noothgrush, Enemies, Cross Stitched Eyes, Dead & Gone, UK Subs and more, ALARIC perpetuate classic 80’s dark post-punk elements, with influence from Killing Joke, Rudimentary Peni, Christian Death and Joy Division showing through. The immediately infectious songs and revamped classic/retro nature of the album sets ALARIC‘s sound apart from any other contemporary act under the banner of punk rock.

ALARIC Record Release Show:
10/28/2011 First Church Of The Buzzard – Oakland, CA w/ Nezzy Idy, Hollow Mirrors, Young Lions

“… looks toward 1980s dark punk, goth, and crust then brings it intensely to the present.” – Pitchfork

“…the band delivers a signature sound: heavy on the reverb guitars, gorilla drums, and surely scowling angry vocals.” – Music Emissions

“The production can be suitably ethereal, the drums delicate and otherworldly, the guitars can drone and swirl behind the vocals which sit at a level in the mix to suggest that each of these elements is as important to the whole as each other.” – Alternative Matter

“This burrowing style sets Alaric apart as an act whose refusal to bow to any current trends should be admired and supported, particularly with the end results of their self-titled debut being this good.” Metal Army America