BRUTAL TRUTH Unleash More Tracks; Band Interrogations Available

In a seemingly unsympathetic media overthrow, the BRUTAL TRUTH grindcore machine have just assaulted the public with another brand new track from their upcoming album, End Time! Right now you can get a “Gut Check” courtesy of a track premiere, and also download the recently-released “Fuck Cancer” via Metal Maniacs.

These latest premieres are all in addition to multiple earlier attacks from BRUTAL TRUTH this month, as the crew have already unleashed several other tracks from End Time via Metal Hammer Germany, A.V. Club, Noisecreep, Sick Drummer and the band’s own Facebook page.

Phone and email interrogations with the members of BRUTAL TRUTH and their apocalyptic ways are available to North American mercenaries via Earsplit upon request. Send correspondence immediately if you wish to take part in this venture.

Abusing the listener with 23 songs in under 55 minutes, End Time was recorded with Doug White at Watchman Studios in Lockport, New York, and showcases BRUTAL TRUTH continuing to reign as one of grindcore’s most influential and acts. Preorders for End Time are now available at

“Everything Brutal Truth have touched is absolutely essential.” – Decibel

“It’s like listening to a hurricane. With blastbeats.” – Kerrang

“a brilliant and destructive effort that sounds as though the band never went away.” – Outburn

“This is the sound of legendary band rediscovering what made them great in the first place and adding a decade’s worth of sharp ideas and frustration to the mix.” – Metal Hammer

“…a title like End Time couldn’t be more appropriate to the 23 tracks of what may seem like chaos until one realizes the diabolical purposefulness of Brutal Truth’s design.” – Blabbermouth