Two WATAIN singles to be released in April:

Two WATAIN singles to be released in April:

The Picture Disc version features, besides the new track “Reaping Death,”a rendering of a classic track by the cursed and highly revered Death SS from Italy, along with some additional items. This 7” single will be printed in 1300 copies.

The CD version of the single comes with the April issue of Sweden Rock Magazine, which also features a 6-page WATAIN interview about the new album and everything around it. It features a cover of Bathory’s “The Return of Darkness and Evil,” as a sign of WATAIN’s return and also of course in reference to WATAIN’s Bathory tribute show that will be held on Saturday June 11th at Sweden Rock Festival.

Both the picture disc and the Sweden Rock issue with the free CD single will be available for pre-order through but bear in mind that shipping date for both CD and Picture EP will not be until April 30th, Walpurgisnacht.

The cover piece for Reaping Death is based upon the myth of Cain, the firstborn Murderer. The illustration depicts triumphant Cain upon his slain “brother” Abel, undergoing the transformation from a slave of creation to a Lord of Uncreation. Behind him burns the fire of Lucifer, and his children dance around it in joyful ecstasy. With the murder of Abel, the gates of Death were opened for the first time, by an act of lawless will. The song ‘Reaping Death’ is a celebration of this act, a hymn to the hungry fire that dwell within the hearts of the bloodline of Cain.

“There the blood of Abel impregnates the soil
In which hungry darkness dwell and serpents coil
So that plants may rise to bear the s trangest fruit
For all of ye that hunger…”