In a message from UK extreme metallers IMPERIAL VENGEANCE: ” Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, The eager-eyed fellows amongst you will have of course noticed we have a new video up on YouTube for your pleasure and distraction. Those who haven’t cast your gaze in its’ direction yet, be sure to give it 5 minutes of your time. A word of warning though to our friends who prefer their metal grim/frostbitten/brutal etc. – the video shows IV in a much lighter mode than is of our usual persuasion- so view with a sense of humour. (You never know you might even just like it.)

A little news on the creative front, a total of ten songs have now been outlined for the The Gas Light Arias, (A few titles to moisten your collective palette: “The Black Heart of Empire,” “The Black Idol,” “Veiled Threats Over Cocktails,” “The Voice Of Thelema,” “A Prelude To Four,” “The Ghost Light” and “Out Went The Candle-And We Were Left, Darkling”); and we are delighted to reveal that the darkly Victorian flavor akin to the “Aristocratic Sex Magick” mood on ATGDOTS is set to the max. The orchestrations, arrangements and lyrical meanderings are flying along at the moment, and whilst we have temporarily retreated from the trenches of WW1 to the dark drawing-rooms of the imagination, the horror prevails. More such revelations from the swirling London fog as they happen.

For those of you who would like to follow such progress (and other shenanigans) on a more regular basis feel free to follow us on Twitter: we are at:

CEA & DB out.”

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