YDI: Southern Lord To Release Complete Discography From Philadelphia Hardcore Crew This April

This April, Southern Lord will release the complete discography of Philadelphia’s iconic hardcore crew, YDI. This double-LP document contains every known recording of the band, as well as a 10″x10″ full color photo book with tons of never before seen images from the band’s existing recorded era.

In the early 1980s, YDI (why-die) put Philadelphia on the map with their ferocious brand of speed-obsessed hardcore. Their debut 7″ EP, A Place In The Sun, released in 1983, is a nine-track blast of frantic American hardcore fury, with blistering pace and heaps of fuzz that make your speakers crackle. Come 1985, the band had altered their musical direction, and created filthy, metallic, damaged punk that constantly spirals out of control via scraping guitar-led detours; if you’ve heard Brutal Truth’s cover of the deranged “I Killed My Family” you’ll recognize the unhinged sense of danger that permeates YDI‘s output. The Black Dust LP was the band’s final recording and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem.

Those interested in hearing lesser known original punk documents which still have the capability to amaze should make a point of getting to grips with this comprehensive collection of YDI‘s crucial output.

YDI Lineup:

[for A Place in The Sun]
Mike Cole – guitar
Chuck Meehan – bass
Howard Twiggs – drums
Jackal aka Neil Perry – vocals

[for Black Dust LP]
Michael Kingnigger aka Michael Cole – guitar
Nikki Bones aka Brian Goldstein – bass
Eric Hardlonger aka Eric Peters – drums
Jackal SSexxzzombie aka Neil Perry – vocals

Track Listing:
Demo (1983)
1. Out For Blood
2. Not Shit
3. Rizzo’s Coming Back
4. Another Day
5. Zombie Youth
6. Mad At The World
7. Friends
8. Categorized
9. Why Die ?
10. 1983
11. True Believer
12. Snarling Hate
13. I Killed My Family
14. Get Up And Fight
15. 8th Man
A Place In The Sun 7″ (1983)
16. Not Shit
17. 1983
18. Friends
19. Mad At The World
20. Out For Blood
21. Categorized
22. Another Day
23. Get Up And Fight / Zombie Youth
24. Why Die ?
Tracks From v/a Get Off My Back LP (1983)
25. Enemy For Life
26. I Killed My Family
Black Dust LP (1985)
27. Not Without A Fight
28. Get Out
29. Soylent Green
30. Violently Green
31. Bloodletting
32. Haunted House
33. Dying Day
34. Murder Is So Sweet
35. In Ignorance
36. My Hell
37. Black Dust
38. “EviL” (unreleased Black Dust session )