WOLVHAMMER Releases New Track From Clawing Into Black Sun At Noisey

Today, Noisey unloads the newest single hailing from Midwestern cult, WOLVHAMMER‘s upcoming third LP, Clawing Into Black Sun, set for release July 8th via Profound Lore.

With nearly seven minutes of sorrow, “The Desanctification” churns with anguished and pained harmonies. With enormously gloomy melodies seeping into the bed of corrosive riffage and percussive assault WOLVHAMMER deploys, multiple gang vocal declarations punch through the scathing lead vocal tracks.

Hear “The Desanctification” at Noisey now at THIS LOCATION.

And consume the already released “Death Division” at Decibel HERE.

WOLVHAMMER‘s amalgamation of black metal and death rock surges with self-infliction, abuse, regret, and debauchery, Uniting members of Shaidar Logoth, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves, Doomsday and other acts. Their second album for Profound Lore, the nearly fifty-minute Clawing Into Black Sun was recorded by Dan Jensen at Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, the bruising eight songs obviously displaying how the band’s songwriting and delivery skills have developed since previous releases.

CD preorders for Clawing Into Black Sun will be posted shortly. Digital preorders are now live through Profound Lore’s Bandcamp HERE, and for the vinyl edition being issued via guitarist Jeff Wilson’s own Disorder Recordings, HERE.