WOLVHAMMER: First Wave Of Desanctifying North America 2014 Tour Announced

Like rubbing battery acid into an open wound, WOLVHAMMER is now chasing the release of their grating new album, Clawing Into Black Sun, with live actions across the Americas, having just announced the initial leg of their multi-pronged Desanctifying North America 2014.

The newest incursion of performances will run the Northeastern US from late October through mid-November, seeing the Midwestern-based WOLVHAMMER cult headlining all dates in support of their Profound Lore-released third LP, Clawing Into Black Sun, with direct support from NYC-based Relapse artists, Mortals. Several more dates will be added to the currently booked two-week-long itinerary.

WOLVHAMMER Desanctifying North America 2014 Tour w/ Mortals:
10/28/2014 Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
10/30/2014 13th Floor – Northampton, MA
10/31/2014 Dusk – Providence, RI
11/01/2014 Geno’s – Portland, ME
11/03/2014 Metronome – Burlington, VT
11/04/2014 TT The Bears – Boston, MA
11/05/2014 Acheron – New York, NY
11/06/2014 Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
11/07/2014 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
11/08/2014 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
11/09/2014 Belvedere’s – Pittsburgh, PA
11/11/2014 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
11/12/2014 Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH
11/13/2014 5th Quarter Lounge – Indianapolis, IN

Additional live attacks in the Desanctifying North America 2014 deathmarch will be announced in the coming weeks as WOLVHAMMER takes their newest diseased hymns to the country and beyond one offensive at a time.

Out now on CD/digital via Profound Lore Records, and on vinyl via guitarist Jeff Wilson’s Disorder Recordings, the nearly fifty-minute Clawing Into Black Sun continues to reign in critical praise as it has since the weeks preceding its release in early July. WOLVHAMMER‘s amalgamation of black metal and death rock surges with self-infliction, abuse, regret, and debauchery, Uniting members of Shaidar Logoth, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves, Doomsday and other acts. Recorded by Dan Jensen at Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, the bruising eight songs obviously displaying how the band’s songwriting and delivery skills have developed since their previous releases.

Listen to all of Clawing Into Black Sun at Stereogum now RIGHT HERE, and order the album on CD through HERE, digital HERE, and the LP HERE.

“On their third LP, Midwest mood-ruiners WOLVHAMMER pound out black metal-tinged death rock that feels like Killing Joke by way of Darkthrone, finally delivering what the genre name promised all these years. 8/10″ – Decibel Magazine

It’s clear, spacious, doomy, almost goth-y in places… Clawing Into Black Sun deserves to be heard. All the editorial choices and advancements made here by WOLVHAMMER are positive ones; this is the band’s best album to date.” – Stereogum

“Wolvhammer are a hard band to slot into genre pigeonholes – that’s one reason I’ve liked their music… The thick, ropey riffs are heavy as fuck, the vocals are scalding, the piercing lead guitar melody is aching, and the atmosphere is dense and dark.” – No Clean Singing

“They know the sound they want, a sort of American black metal sound with some extra dissonance and grime thrown in, fairly traditional… the Wolvhammer boys have refined their focus to a feral point.. And suddenly a riff or snarling vocal will reach out of the blackness and grab you by the throat. 4/5” – Metal Riot