WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: The New York Times Streams New Instrumental LP; Celestite 2014 West Coast Tour Begins Next Week

One week ahead of its looming release date next Tuesday, July 8th, international news resource, The New York Times, is hosting an exclusive worldwide listen to Celestite, the new instrumental LP from Olympia, Washington’s WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

The NY Times stream of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM‘s Celestite from beginning to end sees brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver’s new opus in the paper’s exclusive Press Play features. The fully synth-composed companion to their lauded 2011-released Celestial Lineage LP, Celestite is a far cry from the blackened maelstrom WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM more typically delivers on their albums. Produced by Randall Dunn, the instrumental passages on Celestite reflect the tracks of its predecessor in a whole new light, with more than forty-five minutes of rich, otherworldly, synthesizer-constructed works which more resemble a sci-fi/horror soundtrack or meditative musical experience.

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM’s Celestite can be heard in its entirety through the New York Times Press Play post, at THIS LOCATION.

Celestite will see release on their WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM‘s newly-founded Artemisia Records worldwide next Tuesday, July 8th, on CD, LP and digital formats. Orders for the record can be placed HERE.

The band will tour the West Coast beginning just days after the release of the new LP, yet as Celestite focuses on droning, ambient, soundtracks, this nine-city trip will see the band in their full-backline black metal form, playing a full heavy set, including older material which they have never performed live. The tour opens in WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM‘s hometown on July 11th, followed by performances in Bellingham, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Support on all shows will be provided by Oakland psychedelic noise troupe, Nommo Ogo, the two bands also joined through the tour by D A Terrence, A God Or Another, Druden, Volahn, Lycus and others, including Dispirit as direct support on the San Francisco date.

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Celestite 2014 Tour Dates:
7/11/2014 Capital Theatre Backstage – Olympia, WA w/ Nommo Ogo, D A Terence [tickets]
7/12/2014 Shakedown – Bellingham, WA w/ Nommo Ogo, A God Or Another [tickets]
7/13/2014 The Venue – Vancouver, BC w/ Nommo Ogo, Neck Of The Woods [tickets]
7/14/2014 Crocodile – Seattle, WA w/ Nommo Ogo, TBA [tickets]
7/15/2014 Star Theatre – Portland, OR w/ Nommo Ogo, Druden [tickets]
7/17/2014 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA w/ Dispirit, Nommo Ogo [tickets]
7/18/2014 Catalyst Atrium – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Nommo Ogo, Lycus [tickets]
7/19/2014 TBA – San Diego, CA w/ Nommo Ogo [tickets]
7/20/2014 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Nommo Ogo, Volahn [tickets]

“… you will hear shades of John Carpenter, nefarious 80s horror soundtracks, and, to relate it to the kids of today, Zombi, Steve Moore, much of the Holodeck roster, and Umberto. Tremolo-picking may be a thing currently on hold, but I definitely don’t mind the substitute…” – Noisey | Vice

“…despite the lack of blast beats and some shrieking dude, Celestite still feels more black metal than, say, Alcest’s latest… it’s all ambience. Some of it creepy, some of it relaxing.” – Decibel Magazine

“…Celestite follows in the grand black metal tradition of trading blast beats and suffocating guitars for pensive synths and slow motion… they offset the heaviness with airy synths and flutes, getting closer to Dark Side of the Moon outtakes than Under a Funeral Moon.” – Pitchfork

“Celestite is somewhere on the scale between Bathory, The Alan Parsons Ladyhawke soundtrack, and uncharted territory. Aaron and Nathan Weaver built a new album atop the weird mix buried bedrock of sounds from their Celestial Lineage release and made a new record on top of it. The result is an oddly moving space odyssey of Dark Crystal worthy trance out numbers.” – Metal Riot

“In essence, Wolves in The Throne Room are much closer to Pink Floyd in this album than to, let’s say, early Ulver or Darkthrone. Their use of synths is nothing short of grand…” – Cvlt Nation