WOLFSHADE: New Track Stream Available Now Via Decibel Magazine

Esoteric and mysterious, WOLFSHADE explore hitherto uncharted terrain on third full-length When Above…, out now via Wraith Productions. An introspective voyage into bleak solitude and haunted resignation, When Above… offers seven mournful, organic lamentations that escort the listener to an altered state of mind, ushered there by hypnotic, trance-like odes to birth, regeneration, uncreation and (ultimately) demise.

Check out “Thrénodie Pour Un Astre Mourant,” the fourth track off When Above…, brought to you by Decibel Magazine: http://decibelmagazine.com/Content.aspx?ncid=388699

Recorded at Raven Circle Studios in France, this time founding muse Kadhaas is joined by like-minded acolyte Samigina on the mystical journey, culminating in a new atmosphere for WOLFSHADE that is at once claustrophobic yet strangely comforting. This is music for the famished, betrayed, disillusioned soul. In the end, we are all alone.

“Epic and progressive, WOLFSHADE is working hard to elevate the genre to new heights… ” — Corazine

“When Above… is seven tracks of atmospherically dominant black metal with desperate almost overly-dramatic vocals.” — StereoKiller

“The band does a great job in keeping things fresh, but still maintaining the overall depressive atmosphere that will crush your soul during the almost 50 minutes of music presented on When Above….” –– Infernal Masquerade.

“Excellent album.” — Minacious

“This is the kind of depressed black metal I like best: minimalist and hypnotic, but not so simple as to induce boredom, with percussion that keeps things moving without being overly complicated, and keyboard/guitar sound that mixes elements of ambient sound and melodicism in a subtle, intriguing manner.” — TheOneTrueDeadAngel