WITCH VOMIT: Portland Death Metal Practitioners Release Surprise EP, Abhorrent Rapture, Digitally Via 20 Buck Spin; Physical Preorders Available

Today, Portland, Oregon-based death metal practitioners WITCH VOMIT are pleased to unveil Abhorrent Rapture digitally via 20 Buck Spin!

Recorded and mixed by Evan Mersky and mastered by Dan Randall with artwork by Matt Stikker (Power Trip, Outer Heaven, Apraxic), the surprise EP delivers four freshly unburied traxxx from the witch vomitorium.

A new level of barbaric mastery was achieved on Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave, WITCH VOMIT‘s second full length from 2019. It was now undeniable that the band was not merely another “OSDM” (stale terminology) band when they had evolved a maximal and rarely achieved synthesis of European and American death metal styles into a flawless mélange of horrific gore-soaked splendor.

Though bands tend to simmer down as they evolve, WITCH VOMIT reverses this tendency getting only more extreme with each release. This momentum continues on, Abhorrent Rapture. Like 2017’s Poisoned Blood, Abhorrent Rapture showcases WITCH VOMIT in the more immediate and intense MLP format: Four tracks in roughly eighteen minutes of pure savagery but always with that eerie mood, creeping melodic sense and grisly intimidation essential to proper death metal.

Though not a full-length proper Abhorrent Rapture will sate, temporarily, the cannibalistic appetite of the many clamoring for the next WITCH VOMIT burial mound to come.

Stream WITCH VOMIT’s Abhorrent Rapture via YouTube HERE.

Abhorrent Rapture is available digitally via 20 Buck Spin at THIS LOCATION. The CD and cassette edition will be released on July 2nd with the vinyl, which includes a huge 24″ x 36″ poster, releasing September 10th. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.
Abhorrent Rapture Track Listing:
1. Purulent Burial Mound
2. Funeral Purgation
3. Necrometamorphosis
4. Abhorrent Rapture

Filth – drums
Tempter – guitars, vocals
C.L. – guitars
J.G. – bass