WITCH VOMIT: Portland Death Crew Interrogated By Toilet Ov Hell Alongside Stream Of 20 Buck Spin-Bound Poisoned Blood MLP


Poisoned Blood, the decomposed MLP from Portland’s ravenous death crew, WITCH VOMIT, can now be fully ingested through an exclusive stream at Toilet Ov Hell, alongside an interrogation of the act. Poisoned Blood will be officially released next week through the gore mongers at 20 Buck Spin.

Endure the spew of WITCH VOMIT’s Poisoned Blood only at THIS LOCATION.

Mastered at 45 RPM for maximum mangling, and completed with eye-splattering cover art by Matt Stikker, Poisoned Blood is a necessary acquisition for diehard devotees to the works of Carnage, Autopsy, Demigod, Re-Animator (the movie), Cannibal Corpse, Crematory, Disgrace, and moonlight burials.

Poisoned Blood will see release through 20 Buck Spin next Friday, June 30th; find physical preorders HERE and digital preorders HERE.

The subtly-monikered WITCH VOMIT offered THE obscure gem of the 2016 death metal underground with their A Scream From The Tomb Below full-length. Many took note, and now 20 Buck Spin offers the first bloody taste of a new partnership with the band in the Poisoned Blood MLP. Offering four new tracks plus an intro over twenty minutes, put simply, Poisoned Blood is one of the most brutal recordings to come out of the Northwest in recent memory. Ranging from blasting deathgrind, foul Finnish obscurity, and liquified, cannibalistic necromancy, the riffs on this MLP bubble up like slimy green rot leaking from crypt walls. Though the core membership of WITCH VOMIT also performs surgeries for barbaric persecutors Torture Rack and Triumvir Foul, and the two bands share a propensity for blasting storms of seared flesh chunks and glistening old guts, WITCH VOMIT is mixing its mashed bone stew with a wider array of viscera, melting brains with ancient violence and intensity.