Wax Donut Presents: Goat, A Tribute To The Jesus Lizard, Delivers Contributions From A Spectrum Of Punk, Noise Rock, And Jazz Acts; No Echo Premieres New Tracks From Wipes And Trigger Cut

Wax Donut Presents: Goat, a compilation covering the seminal album by The Jesus Lizard, hits the streets on March 15th via Wax Donut Records (formerly Black Donut Records). With the album now just a few weeks from release, No Echo is hosting a double premiere of two new tracks from the LP.

Goat brings together rising stars of punk, metal, and jazz from across the US and Europe to pay homage to one of the most important punk rock albums of the 20th century. The compilation features Neon Kittens and Dead Mammals from the UK, Kuhn Fu (featuring Michael Rene Sell) and Trigger Cut from Germany, Prosthetic Bung from Canada, and five rising stars from the US: Night Goat, Wipes, Bovine Nightmares, The Kronk Men, and Sinking Suns.

The collected tracks for Goat were mastered by Steve Glaze at Tonefreq, and the cover art was handled by Dirk Spece (The Kronk Men).

With No Echo’s premiere of their version of “Mouth Breather,” Trigger Cut’s Ralph Schaarschmidt writes, “‘Mouth Breather’ by the Jesus Lizard was and is one of my favorite songs and it was warmly welcomed. Of course, we had to make our own interpretation — rough and hard.”

On their rendition of “Seasick,” Wipes’ Ray Gurz states, “It was over in just three tries for a live recording. My inner David Yow came out on vocals a few weeks later after I became obsessed with this track. Listening to ‘Seasick’ every morning in the middle of the night on my way to work. It was like David Yow was riding shotgun in my vehicle as I was driving us. I approached the vocals as the only way I know how; Let it all out and do not hold back. We are pretty happy with the results.”

No Echo writes, “The Jesus Lizard’s Goat album sounds as fresh (and pissed off) as it did when it first was released in 1991. It’s the kind of record that everyone from noise rock weirdos to hardcore punk purists to doom rock believers all can agree on. It’s no surprise the folks at Wax Donut Records busted their asses off to compile a tribute LP in its honor.”

Check out the covers of The Jesus Lizard’s “Seasick” by Wipes and “Mouth Breather” by Trigger Cut early at No Echo RIGHT HERE.

Wax Donut Presents: Goat is now open for preorder exclusively through Wax Donut Records as a very limited Orange/Black Smoke 12” LP. Digital downloads will be available as singles from each of the individual bands and all songs are expected to appear on streaming services as well. Find preorders where Sinking Suns’ “Rodeo In Joliet” and Prosthetic Bung’s “Pop Song” covers are streaming RIGHT HERE.

Wax Donut Presents: Goat Track Listing:
1. Neon Kittens – “Then Comes Dudley”
2. Trigger Cut – “Mouth Breather”
3. Night Goat – “Nub”
4. Wipes – “Seasick”
5. Bovine Nightmares – “Monkey Trick”
6. Kuhn Fu – “Karpis”
7. Dead Mammals – “South Mouth”
8. The Kronk Men – “Lady Shoes”
9. Sinking Suns – “Rodeo In Joliet”
10. Prosthetic Bung – “Pop Song”