WARSENAL: Canadian Speed Metal Trio Joins Svart Records For The Release Of Feast Your Eyes Full-Length This November

Montreal, Canada-based speed metal trio, WARSENAL, has joined forces with Svart Records for the release of their Feast Your Eyes full-length. Slated for worldwide release November 15th, the anticipated follow-up to 2015’s debut Barn Burner boasts the band’s most forward-thinking assortment of speed/thrash metal hymns to date and is sure to snap the necks of younger fans, alongside worshippers of the oldschool à la Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax.

Comments WARSENAL guitarist/vocalist Mathieu Rondeau, “We’re really excited to be signing with Finnish label Svart Records. They have a great international visibility and are very well respected among musicians and fans alike. This makes us very honored to be taking over the world of Metal under their flag. I think that with Feast Your Eyes, we’ve really grasped what is the ‘WARSENAL sound’ and how we want to go from there. It’s still raw and filled to the brim with crazy riffs flying everywhere, but the production quality and the song structures have really taken on major improvement; call it maturity I guess. The songs are all very different and unique, while keeping the WARSENAL energy and the madness people dug on the first album. A lot of surprises and jaw-dropping is to be expected. It’s definitely not your typical, generic thrash or speed metal album.”

Further details on Feast Your Eyes, including track teasers and preorders will be unveiled in the weeks to come.

WARSENAL released a three-song demo in 2012 and immediately started performing live that same year. The demo quickly grasped the attention of a Japanese festival organizer who invited the band to perform on the True Thrash Fest in February 2013 alongside the likes of legends Exciter, Violator, and Sabbat. The band gained further notoriety upon their return home where they played shows incessantly throughout Canada. Since the release of their 2015 debut Barn Burner, WARSENAL has remained an active live act having toured the US, Canada, and Mexico and appearing at various metal fests including Full Terror Assault with Overkill, Venom Inc., Crowbar, Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, and more. Stay tuned for further WARSENAL live invasions to be announced soon.

“If you crave aggression, look no further. WARSENAL delivers with passion. You may not want to be driving while listening to Feast Your Eyes. You’ll most likely be driving twice the speed as the police. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that. In the event you do get pulled over and interrogated, let them hear the opening track and I’m certain they will understand.” – Tony Portaro, Whiplash

“That album is great. The songs remind me so much of Voivod! It’s basically technical-Metalucifer.” – Gezol, Sabbat/ Metalucifer

Mathieu Rondeau – guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Millaire – bass
Vincent Caron – drums