WAKE: Beatroute Magazine Promotes “Better Living Through Apathy” From Canadian Grindcore Outfit

WAKE 065-FULL-web [photo by Dana Zuk][photo by Dana Zuk]

“Better Living Through Apathy” is the latest bombardment to be issued from WAKE‘s impending Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow LP, as issued this week through a premiere through Beatroute Magazine.

Offers the Beatroute write-up accompanying the track and an interview with the band about the album and corresponding North American tour, “Their take on the genre hews closer to the metallic sounds of Virginia’s Pig Destroyer and Sweden’s Nasum but with a vicious twist of black metal at its most chaotic, as opposed to the more punk-orientated sound of Scum-era Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and the obscure proto-grind band Siege.”

Blast WAKE’s “Better Living Through Apathy” via Beatroute Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Calgary-based WAKE‘s Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow was recorded and mixed by Joel Grind at Falcon Studios (Toxic Holocaust, Poison Idea, Lord Dying, Abyss, etc.), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, The Secret, Black Breath, Old Man Gloom etc.) and features art by Hal Rotting of Rotting Graphics (Plague Widow, Napalm Raid, Atriarch, Barghest). A coalition of underground labels will release the album on a variety of formats on February 26th, the cassette tape and digital by Sentient Ruin Laboratories available HERE, the CD by Everyday Hate available HERE, and the LP by 7 Degrees Records and Nerve Altar available HERE and HERE.

While WAKE remains true to their underlying grindcore roots, showcasing clear affinity with stalwarts in the genre like Nasum, Brutal Truth, Discordance Axis and Napalm Death, attentive listeners will also notice the encompassing, dissonant and twisted craft of Deathspell Omega, the slow and pounding sludgecore of bands like Breach and Knut, and the grandiose post-hardcore architectures of bands like Cursed and The Secret. All in all, Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow is a monstrous achievement in the realm of modern and forward-thinking extreme metal and hardcore elaborations.

A video for the LP’s “Burn Well” is playing HERE. Also hear the LP’s “Low” at Cvlt Nation HERE, and “Wretched Tongue” at Decibel Magazine HERE.

The day the album is released, WAKE takes on North America on the Trans-Canada Deathwish tour, running from February 26th through March 11th.

WAKE: Trans-Canada Deathwish:
2/26/2016 Local Omnivore – Edmonton, AB
2/27/2016 Vangelis Tavern – Saskatoon, SK
2/28/2016 Handsome Daughter – Winnipeg, MB
2/29/2016 Black Pirates Pub – Thunder Bay, ON
3/02/2016 Coalition – Toronto, ON
3/03/2016 Casa Del Popolo – Montreal, QC
3/04/2016 Scanner Bistro – Quebec City, QC
3/05/2016 Non Factory – Boston, MA
3/06/2016 Half Moon Café – Philadelphia, PA
3/07/2016 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
3/08/2016 Livewire – Chicago, IL
3/09/2016 Quarters Rock and Roll Palace – Milwaukee, WI
3/10/2016 Hexagon Bar – Minneapolis, MN
3/11/2016 Mercury Café – Regina, SK