VULTURE: German Heavy Metal Practitioners Unleash “Oathbreaker” Video; Sentinels Full-Length Out Today On Metal Blade Records!

Photo by Evil Live Photography

Watch VULTURE’s “Oathbreaker” video HERE.

Sentinels, the latest full-length from German heavy metal practitioners VULTURE, is out today on Metal Blade Records!

If there is one band that combines a classic approach with fresh ideas and an expansive joy of playing to honor their ancestors from the likes of early Exodus, Metallica, or Slayer, then it is, without debate, VULTURE. On Sentinels, VULTURE proves once again that tradition and further development are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary can lead to something extraordinary that leaves no headbanger untouched.

“In direct comparison to the last album, Dealin’ Death, we’ve picked up the pace again noticeably,” says guitarist Stefan Castevet. “We’re bolder and a bit wilder again. It was important to us to be catchy and to include choruses that stick. Of course, we’ve basically retained our style, but we’ve defined the framework of the songs more clearly.”

In celebration of the release of Sentinels, today the band unleashes a video for Oathbreaker,” arguably the most straightforward song on the album. Comments Castevet, “‘Oathbreaker’ is our homage to both the heroes and founders of our style in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, as well as the brave among us who put everything on one card, pursue their passion and have found a way outside the social norm to understand heavy metal as their purpose in life. We salute you!”

Watch VULTURE’s “Oathbreaker” video at THIS LOCATION.

Watch VULTURE’s previously released video for “Unhallowed & Forgotten” HERE AND “Realm Of The Impaler HERE. 

Sentinels is available on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:

Crystal Clear w/ Black Smoke (US)
180g Black (EU)
Blood Red & White Splattered (EU – Ltd. 200)
Bright Red White Marbled (EU – Ltd. 700)
Special Edition Bundle w/ 12″ (Midnight Blue Marbled), 7″, Patch, Signed Photo, Poster (EU – Ltd. 500)

Find orders at:

4/12/2024 Bambi Galore -– Hamburg, DE * Record Release Show
4/13/2024 Hühnermanhattan – Halle, DE * Record Release Show
4/26/2024 SWR Festival – Barroselas, PT
5/10/2024 Huginns Awakening Fest – Ostende, BE
5/30-6/1/2024 Muskelrock Festival – Alvesta, SE

“…although VULTURE still thrive on youthful, unbridled energy, Sentinels also underpins their ability to write songs that work. Good entertainment for everyone who likes raw, wild traditional steel.” — Metal Hammer Germany

“If you’re a fan of early speed metal and/or the current new wave of traditional heavy metal, you’ll connect with Sentinels. It’s a must-buy.” – New Noise Magazine

“One could best say that VULTURE has become a bit faster and harder compared to their direct predecessor Dealin’ Death (2021)… Fortunately, the exuberant power does not come at the expense of the catchiness of the pieces, because despite the wild riffs and breaks, the songs definitely stick in your ear canal.” — Deaf Forever

“This album delivers a rapid and intense experience, scarcely allowing a moment’s breath throughout its entirety…If you appreciate a nod to oldschool ’80s thrash and are in need of some headbanging music, check out this album…” — The Metal Pit

“If you are not ready to spill blood on the battlefield and face the coming storm, then feel free to turn your back and perish in flames, but if you are willing to see what this album has prepared for you, then get ready to bang your head all the way through!…This album is ‘all killer no filler’… Their task was very simple: conquer and deliver, and so they did!” — Metal Bite

“An album by metal lovers for metal lovers!” — Ox Fanzine

“…the band is raising the speed, while managing to craft more memorable melodies and choruses. The album is a love letter to ‘80s speed metal classics and is meant to put a big smile on every old school fan’s face. Time to strap those bullet belts on.” — Velvet Thunder

“Sentinels in its entirety is a wild, dark, dangerous, macabre album and as the title track, ‘Heavier Than Time’ declares in its parenthesis.” — Metal View

L. Steeler – vocals
S. Castevet – guitars
M. Outlaw – guitars
A. Axetinctör – bass
G. Deceiver – drums