TÝR: Battle Ballads Full-Length From Faroe Islands-Based Viking Metallers Out Today On Metal Blade Records!

Photo by Gaui H

Preview/purchase TÝR’s Battle Ballads HERE. 

Battle Ballads, the outstanding ninth full-length studio album from Faroe Islands-based Viking metallers TÝR is out today on Metal Blade Records!

A crushing, soaring, batch of classical embellished songs that conjure images of galloping steeds, clashing swords, and hard-fought victories, with Battle Ballads, TÝR has composed an album that resounds with their trademark Viking metal sound. At the same time, the band has experimented with new writing styles and musical techniques and created songs that are structurally simpler, yet musically more variegated. There’s no escaping the masterfully meticulous blend of melody and savagery on Battle Ballads.

“We consciously decided to make this a more direct album with songs that are easier for listeners to get right away,” notes founding frontman Heri Joensen. “With Battle Ballads, there are progressive elements here and there, but we tried to keep the songs based on one or two musical ideas each, and work on everything from there. It’s more concise than our last album, but it’s more epic because of the symphonic elements.”

As much as TÝR would have liked to write, rehearse, and record with a symphony, scheduling conflicts made it impossible. So they did the next best thing. Joensen sent the band’s ten thunderous compositions to a Danish colleague, Lars Winther, in England, who added the orchestral samples, paying close attention to the tone and tempo of the songs so the violins, violas, cellos, woodwinds, and horns complimented the traditional rock instruments. When the samples were all in place, the album sounded impressive, but the tones weren’t perfectly blended. So, TÝR sent the album to veteran producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amaranthe) in Denmark to put together the final mix.

Battle Ballads features the stunning artwork of by Gyula Havancsak and is available on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:

Sea Blue Smoke (US)
Maroon Marbled (EU – Ltd. 800)
180g Black (EU – Ltd. 500)
Thunderous Sky Blue Marbled (EU – Ltd. 300)
Teal Green Melt With Red Splatter (EU – Ltd. 200)
Flame Splattered (EU – Ltd. 200)

Find orders at metalblade.com/tyr.

Watch TÝR’s previously released videos for “Axes” HERE, “Hammered” HERE, and Dragons Never Die” HERE.  

TÝR is currently midway through their North American Battle Ballads headlining tour. The journey, which  commenced on March 28th in Baltimore, Maryland, will make its way through over two dozen cities, coming to a close on April 26th in Greensboro, North Carolina. Support is being provided by Trollfest, Æther Realm, and The Dread Crew Of Oddwood. See all remaining dates below.

TÝR w/ Trollfest, Æther Realm, The Dread Crew Of Oddwood [remaining dates]:

4/12/2024 The Rickshaw – Vancouver, BC
4/13/2024 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
4/14/2024 Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR
4/15/2024 Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA
4/16/2024 1720 – Los Angeles, CA
4/17/2024 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
4/18/2024 Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ
4/19/2024 Rockhouse Bar & Grill – El Paso, TX
4/20/2024 Come And Take It Live – Austin, TX
4/21/2024 The Granada – Dallas, TX
4/22/2024 White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
4/24/2024 Conduit – Orlando, FL
4/25/2024 The Masquerade (Hell) – Atlanta, GA
4/26/2024 Hangar 1819 – Greensboro, NC

“A self-evident creative peak for all concerned, Battle Ballads strives for and achieves glory.” – Blabbermouth

“After the obviously inspiring Nordic House performance in 2020, the band is now orchestrating all of the pieces – not so intrusively that it sounds like symphonic metal, but rather as reinforcement the irrepressible power that is inherent in their compositions…” – Metal Hammer Germany

TÝR’s Battle Ballads takes an idea and runs with it as the band brings the ‘classical’ to their work in a manner that shows their range, and also the potential for hybrids of metal music. The authenticity of the result packs a solid metal punch while bringing folk and classical elements to bear.” – New Noise Magazine

“Despite always working within defined limitations lyrically and sonically, TÝR deserve their flowers for striving to make what they do sound fresh and worthy, no mean feat for any artist on album number nine. In war terms, Battle Ballads is a massive win.” – Distorted Sound

“In mood, volume, and tempo, Battle Ballads hits all the right frequencies. Just like the Vikings of old discovered all those centuries ago, the journey might be arduous but the rewards are great.” — Ghost Cult 

“A Viking metal masterpiece with symphonic grandeur…” – SD Metal 

“They could have gone in any direction they damn well pleased with this record given all that they’ve accomplished before with every given facet of Battle Ballads doing nothing but supreme justice for this particular kind of folk metal… Where many have tried, TÝR yet again reigns unchallenged.” – Head-banger Reviews

“The band has ventured in a slightly different direction with this album, yet they have crafted a colossal-sounding epic that blends Viking and power metal with classical music, enhancing its grandeur.” — The Metal Pit

“If you haven’t spent time with TÝR yet, you’re a coward and a knave. Get your fishing rod and get with these bass masters ASAP.” – Angry Metal Guy

Heri Joensen – vocal, guitar
Hans Hammer – guitar
Gunnar Helmer “Gunz” Thomsen – bass
Tadeusz “Tad” Rieckmann – drum