VISE MASSACRE: Debut LP Release Delayed, But Imminent; Raffle Live

Initially planned for release in January, Brooklyn bastards VISE MASSACRE‘s debut LP Expendable Humans has been delayed due to circumstances beyond the band’s control. Something got jacked with the master and had to be corrected, but it’s not really interesting or important… we’re just here to spread the word that the LPs are being packed now, and set for arrival at the end of the month, which will allow Expendable Humans to finally trample mankind on March 6th. Direct links for digital and physical orders will be available in the days ahead.

In the meantime VISE MASSACRE are busy running up bar tabs, skulking on hipsters, and honing their live attack skills in preparation for some live actions to be confirmed in the coming weeks in support of the delayed release of Expendable Humans, which the band are releasing via their own Gorilla The Horse Records through the tight-knit hometown cooperative efforts with NYC’s Generation Records and Earsplit.

The band also got trashed the other night and set up a raffle where 8 diehards can win T-shirts made by the band, limited versions of the LP and other random/unique/creepy handmade VISE MASSACRE creations. The more you fuck with the band via Facebook/Twitter between now and March 3rd the more chances thou hath of winning some gnarly swag. Check out the details at VM’s Facebook.

All of Expendable Humans is still alive and raging for your listening discomfort via Metal Underground.

“…some of the same hardcore-meets-metal fury that permeated projects like Knut, Old Man Gloom, and Black Cobra but with touches of black metal…” – BrooklynVegan

“…high-energy, noisy hardcore played with full conviction. No fucking around. 4/5” – OneMetal

“…riff upon riff of unforgiving hatred.” – Alternative Matter

“This 31-minute barrage grabs the listener by the throat and maintains its grip for the majority of its duration… For a DIY type album, the production here is excellent… 9/10” – Metal Assault

“As debut albums go Vise Massacre have come up with something pretty special – a Hardcore album that really challenges other bands in this genre to move away from the old clichés. 4/5” – Sea Of Tranquility