VISE MASSACRE: Debut LP Obtainable Via Band’s Online Store

After many harrowing months of delays, disruptions, natural disasters and narrowly thwarted assassination attempts, the bastards in VISE MASSACRE are proud to finally be unleashing their self-financed debut LP through their new online store.

Having recently received the wax attack of their Expendable Humans full-length from the pressing plant, VISE MASSACRE redesigned their website with a gnarly new online store heavily supplied with tons of fresh new threads and urban battle gear in addition to both the vinyl and digital versions of the new album. Support D.I.Y. metal/hardcore and stock up RIGHT HERE.

With the LP now in-hand, VISE MASSACRE will comb the lands for live opportunities throughout the tri-state and beyond with more heavy tour action in the planning stages for later in the Summer. Several shows have been confirmed and more are being locked down now, including an Earsplit PR showcase at Lit Lounge in NYC on June 18th…

Expendable Humans is streaming in its beastly, nihilistic entirety via METAL UNDERGROUND.

VISE MASSACRE Confirmed Live Savagery:
5/26/2012 Tommy’s Tavern – Brooklyn, NY w/ Parakeets, Respect, All The Heathers Are Dying
6/18/2012 Lit Lounge – New York, NY @ Earsplit PR throwdown
7/07/2012 Elks Lodge – Glen Cove, NY
7/15/2012 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

“…some of the same hardcore-meets-metal fury that permeated projects like Knut, Old Man Gloom, and Black Cobra but with touches of black metal…” – BrooklynVegan

…a 14-track, 32-minute maelstrom of blasting, clattering drumming, enraged howling and riffs that tumble and impact against each other like rutting stags, if said animals had taken the precaution of festooning their antlers with broken glass and rusty switchblades before charging headlong into battle...high-energy, noisy hardcore played with full conviction. No fucking around. 4/5″ – OneMetal

“…riff upon riff of unforgiving hatred.” – Alternative Matter

“This 31-minute barrage grabs the listener by the throat and maintains its grip for the majority of its duration… For a DIY type album, the production here is excellent… 9/10” – Metal Assault

“As debut albums go Vise Massacre have come up with something pretty special – a Hardcore album that really challenges other bands in this genre to move away from the old clichés. 4/5” – Sea Of Tranquility