VAULTED: Metal Injection Premieres “Shallow Vacancy” From Boston Death Metal Quintet As Left In Despair Full-Length Nears November Release

photo by Meg Caseau

As Boston death metal quintet VAULTED prepares for the November release of their second album, Left In Despair, Metal Injection is hosting an exclusive premiere of the crushing new single, the album-closing “Shallow Vacancy.”

Born from bitter Winters, VAULTED siphons aggression and internal growth through searing and metallic, sometimes melodic, unapologetic auditory chaos, and pinpointed lyrical constructs that reflect on personal despair, social atrocity, and global vitriol. The group maintains a bludgeoning heaviness with a poetic weaponry of ferocity and internal strife.

VAULTED now prepares to close out the tumultuous 2021 with their latest and most advanced effort to date titled, Left In Despair. The band returned to their trusted producer, engineer, and manager Shane Frisby of LifeBlood Inc. and owner/operator of The BrickHitHouse to capture Left In Despair’s eleven groove-heavy tracks, the album blending influences from seminal death metal monarchs Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Obituary, and Gorefest with the modern approach of Black Breath, Nails, Trap Them, Gatecreeper, and All Pigs Must Die. The record was mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Studios (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Cannibal Corpse), and completed with artwork by Yodth Gnosis.

Notes VAULTED’s Christian Henderson, “‘Shallow Vacancy’ is Left In Despair’s final transmission. Without sacrificing the groove, and momentum we intend to create in our writing, this song allows the listener to experience a culmination or an endgame of what we as a band have created to date.  The lyrical themes and subject matter discussed throughout the album breathes its dying breath, burying itself in a hurry and leaving behind a feeling of general vacancy. This final track is meant to pull you away from the world we created sonically, on your way to silence. Leaving you alone again for eternity.”

Metal Injection writes, “Despite the chainsaw guitars and pissed-beyond-pissed vocals, VAULTED is from Massachusetts and not Sweden. Though you can get pummeled so hard by their new song ‘Shallow Vacancy’ below that you won’t know the difference between Massachusetts and Sweden by the end anyway.”

Stream VAULTED’s “Shallow Vacancy” first through Metal Injection now at THIS LOCATION.

VAULTED will independently release Left In Despair digitally with a cassette version to see release through bassist Nicholas Wolf’s War Fever Recordings on November 19th.

Find preorders at the War Fever store HERE and Bandcamp where “Forged In Darkness” is playing HERE, and watch the band’s video for the title track HERE.

Watch for additional previews, record release shows, and more on VAULTED to be announced over the weeks ahead.