VASTUM: New LP’s Title Track Shall Be Your Halloween Soundtrack Says Metal Injection

Just in time for your October 31 gravedigging, nocturnal skulking and general depravity, San Fran death merchants, VASTUM, unload another brutal tune. Metal Injection deplorably presents the title track to the horde’s pending sophomore LP — nearing release via 20 Buck Spin in less than two weeks — the five-and-a-half minutes of “Patricidal Lust” stomping and plodding with the patented, low-end, foreboding style of punishment the band solidly delivers every time, while also blowing out some of the gnarliest old-school death metal divebomb solo worship on the LP.

Dive into the maelstrom of conceptual debauchery and drop-tuned whiplash with “Patricidal Lust” RIGHT HERE.

Enter the raw nocturnal reality of “3 AM In Agony” at Pitchfork HERE.

Patricidal Lust hits November 12th on CD, LP and digital, the vinyl edition bearing alternate artwork by vocalist Daniel Butler, viewable below.

VASTUM‘s Patricidal Lust has been ripped from the muse’s womb through turmoil and strife, reflected not only in the morbid hyper-realism of the album’s content but in the making of the record itself which presented scenarios of devastating real life tragedy, numerous delays, departed members and a sense of frustration by all involved. It’s an album born in pain, recorded with both Jeff Davis (R.I.P.) and later with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios. Patricidal Lust has an atmosphere of eerie foreboding enshrouding the doomed death metal husk, while lyrically delving inwardly into subject matter first seen on Carnal Law; the anguish and confusion associated with sexual abuse and incest and the blurry area where eroticism and madness vaporize into an unrecognizable fog of horror, the hellbound heart exposed. Certain to leave a lasting impression, Patricial Lust lies at the core of obscene abominations too real for ordinary bands to pursue. Enter VASTUM‘s theatre bizarre.

[Patricidal Lust LP artwork by VASTUM’s Daniel Butler]

[Patricidal Lust CD artwork by Paolo “Madman” Girardi]