SEA OF BONES: Connecticut Doom Dealers Unleash New Hell Hymn Via Pitchfork; The Earth Wants Us Dead Now Available Digitally For Mass Consumption

What better way to celebrate the ghoulish rites of Halloween than a new psalm of repugnance from Connecticut doom dealers, SEA OF BONES. Suitably titled “Beneath the Earth,” the shadowy tale of despair comes courtesy of the band’s The Earth Wants Us Dead full-length and seeps its way into the soul with an asphyxiating sense of slow, brooding urgency. “The song is in turns atmospheric, distorted, and utterly, utterly lightless,” describes Pitchfork, “mining the depths of doom, drone, and sludge with care and dead-eyed determination. ‘Beneath the Earth’ is a slow burn, painfully sluggish and cracking with feedback beneath hollow roars and crumbling riffs. This one’s going to hurt.”

Crush your hopes and dreams with “Beneath the Earth,” now playing at Pitchfork at THIS LOCATION.

An introspective outpouring of sound and sentiment that bleeds its misery in tar-thick droplets, SEA OF BONESThe Earth Wants Us Dead is the intestine-rupturing resonance of true desolation. Recorded by guitarist Tom Mucherino and longtime friend David Lutz at a secret underground location (Mucherino’s cellar) and mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Kayo Dot, Thou), The Earth Wants Us Dead includes a nearly forty-minute soul-swallowing instrumental improv piece (the title track) recorded at InnerSpaceSoundLabs with Scott Amore. Having withstood a variety of misfortunes from a tour-terminating van crash and lineup shifts to two scrapped recordings and a near breakup, The Earth Wants Us Dead serves as a true testament to SEA OF BONES‘ impermeable determination and continues to earn critical hails from fans and critics nationally for its catastrophic tidal wave of soul-rumbling distortion and diseased prose.

The Lair Of Filth calls the record, “…terrific, in a soul-destroying way…SEA OF BONES will hurt you,” Heavy Planet opines, “You’re not gonna hit play, pound your chest, and grunt ‘fuck yeah’ with this release. You’re gonna drift, drop your shoulders, and collapse under the veiled intentions. Imagine a world without color and an existence without comfort. SEA OF BONES present realizations via broad strokes and slow drags. On The Earth Wants Us Dead, they assert rather than suggest. These sludge atmospheres are bleak, sure. But someone’s gotta be straight with us,” while Verbicide christens the record, “beautifully agonizing…pure, uncut ugly, cooked up on a bloody spoon, and slowly shot into your ear hole…with a railroad spike.”

The Earth Wants Us Dead is out TODAY digitally via the SEA OF BONES BandCamp page.

SEA OF BONES’ atmospheric sludge is even bleaker than Neurosis’. The only color is shades of black. Ultra-heavy riffs rumble below distant smears of feedback… “– Decibel