VASTUM’s Patricidal Lust LP Stream Flanks Meticulous Interrogation Of Band Via Invisible Oranges

VASTUM‘s sophomore LP, Patricidal Lust, is now streaming in its entirety, as the vicious maelstrom of conceptual debauchery and drop-tuned whiplash is about to infiltrate the public in less than a week via 20 Buck Spin. Brandishing the San Franciscan quintet’s most demoralizing hymns to date, the nearly forty-minute duration of Patricidal Lust succumbs the listener to some of the most viscerally haunting imagery amidst its calculated, mid-paced attack the crew is becoming infinitely infamous for.

This week, Invisible Oranges interrogated three members of the VASTUM horde on their meticulously depraved arts, the transcript of the sessions now posted alongside an entire stream of Patricidal Lust, all RIGHT HERE.

On Tuesday, November 12th, 20 Buck Spin will unload Patricidal Lust hits on multiple formats, including digital, CD, available HERE, and an LP edition bearing alternate artwork by vocalist Daniel Butler available in several color schemes/CD-inclusive packages HERE.

In the coming weeks, VASTUM will infiltrate underworld venues across the region and beyond in support of Patricidal Lust; be wary.

VASTUM‘s Patricidal Lust has been ripped from the muse’s womb through turmoil and strife, reflected not only in the morbid hyper-realism of the album’s content but in the making of the record itself which presented scenarios of devastating real life tragedy, numerous delays, departed members and a sense of frustration by all involved. It’s an album born in pain, recorded with both Jeff Davis (R.I.P.) and later with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios. Patricidal Lust has an atmosphere of eerie foreboding enshrouding the doomed death metal husk, while lyrically delving inwardly into subject matter first seen on Carnal Law; the anguish and confusion associated with sexual abuse and incest and the blurry area where eroticism and madness vaporize into an unrecognizable fog of horror, the hellbound heart exposed. Certain to leave a lasting impression, Patricial Lust lies at the core of obscene abominations too real for ordinary bands to pursue. Enter VASTUM‘s theatre bizarre.

“…heavier, darker, and a hell of a lot uglier than its predecessor… A thread of sickness runs through the album, augmented by a palpable sense of agony and disgust. Even with a new Carcass album in town, Vastum stand out amongst the legions of death.” – Pitchfork

“…a mid-tempo death metal stomp with riffs that alternately hammer and stab like a rusty blade. Oozing with smoggy atmosphere, loaded with delicious vocal ugliness, and lit up by screaming guitar solos…” – No Clean Singing

“Perhaps the most interesting thing about Patricidal Lust is how deep into sexual taboo the lyrics are willing to go. Butler and Abdul-Rauf’s perspectives here are somewhat more observational and less direct than the work of, say, Ash Pool or Leviathan, but somehow the distance makes the words more incisive.” – Invisible Oranges

“A vile and fetid piece of death metal, Vastum’s second full-length does a solid job of setting up shop and making its intentions clear. It has stayed within a set of established parameters for their preferred scents of DM but still excelled in creating a notable effort.” – Cvlt Nation

“Patricidal Lust drops with the grace of the proverbial two-ton weight, so much so that the album simply must be played at high volume in order to achieve its desired effect. The sheer density of the music is immense, a sort of darker, more sexually disturbing version of Asphyx or related acts.” – Last Rites