PYREXIA: New York Death Metal Legends Unveil New Video At Metal Injection

Today the evil doers at Metal Injection wage serious “Infliction” upon unsuspecting souls with the latest video from New York death metal legends, PYREXIA.

Created by Jordy Depp of Kinetal Media in London, the “Infliction” video is a graphic nightmare of blood, bodily fluids, eyeball gouging and puncture wounds done entirely in stop motion making it an engaging viewing adventure from start to finish.

Comments guitarist Chris Basile, “We wanted to do something completely different than what everyone else is putting out. Kind of like our music. Something that the viewer/listener can watch and as soon as it’s over be like, ‘Holy shit! What the Hell did I just watch?,” and want to watch it again and again to see what they missed.”

Peel your eye holes open and check out “Infliction,” now playing at Metal Injection, HERE.

PYREXIA‘s latest full-length, Feast of Iniquity, was released last week via Unique Leader Records. Recorded at New York’s Pitch Black Sound, and mixed and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Kataklysm, The Red Chord, Crowbar, Municipal Waste, 3 Inches Of Blood et al) at Planet Z in Massachusetts, Feast of Iniquity serves as PYREXIA‘s most sonically devouring creation of their catalog. Featuring the dueling drum battery of Doug Bohn (Suffocation – Pierced From Within) and Dave “War Machine” Culross (Suffocation, Malevolant Creation), the record continues to win the approval of fans and media both domestically and abroad.

Get brutal with Feast of Iniquity, currently streaming at The Gauntlet, at THIS LOCATION. Order your copy of Feast of Iniquity TODAY via Unique Leader HERE or iTunes HERE.

“Feast of Iniquity contains ten tracks full of groove and brutality, featuring inhuman, machine-gun drumming, guttural vocals and fiery riffs that incorporate some technicality and a good amount of slam. It’s the standard formula and while some may call Pyrexia stagnant, Feast of Iniquity is one for the NYDM purists.” — Exclaim

“Feast of Iniquity is definable as Album of the Year material, and it is certainly one of the greatest death metal albums of 2013….The listener will travel through demonic realms where unending drum patterns paint the landscape and the crunchy, haunting guitar work makes up the battle hymns, all the while as the vocals rage on in a violent storm of vehemence. Do not let this one pass you by…” – Volumes of Sin

“Each song is heavy. Wicked heavy. Tracks are propelled by twisting, gnarly riffs atop punishing drums. The vocals are guttural growls, but certainly palatable…” – The New Noise

“Maybe as they’ve gotten older they’ve incorporated a little more mid-tempo groove to their no holds barred death riffing, but the ten songs on Feast of Iniquity still pack a potent punch to the gut. Employing dual screams and growls, the triplet low thumping ‘Thy Minion’ and creepy, dark shadows meets Slayer vibe for ‘Death Wish’ contrast nicely against pure all out blast monsters like ‘Wheels of Impurity’ and ‘Cocoon of Shame.'” – Eternal Terror

“…a brutal trip on a runaway train headed for the bowels of hell and you will find yourself wanting to get on board… Feast of Iniquity needs to be in your collection.” – Wicked Channel