VANESSA SKANTZE: Writhing Treasure Feast Soundtrack Out Now And Streaming Via Scry Recordings

Photo by Anima Nocturna

VANESSA SKANTZE‘s Writhing Treasure Feast is out now and streaming via Scry Recordings.

Writhing Treasure Feast is a soundtrack to the activist and luminary Butoh dancers solo dance exploration. Here, SKANTZE explores the sounds of the fierce beauty, pain, resourcefulness, and resurrection of the land, the people, the creatures, and elements of the original Americas, dancing with the gods of Mexico, North America, and Haiti primarily. Writhing Treasure Feast draws from the artist’s travels to Mexico and Haiti, her experience and initiation into a Vodou Sosyete (community) in New Orleans, and her residency in Seattle, the traditional land of the Duwamish People.

SKANTZE produced, directed, choreographed, and performed the live dance elements of the piece as well as conceptualized, co-produced, and commissioned the music, photography, original text, and painting aspects of this magnum opus which incorporates the skills of a host of vanguard sound artists including Masaaki Masao, Erymanthe (Joy Von Spain and Susan Dumett), Pink Void, Greg Campbell and Sioux City Pete, Morher, and Noisepoetnobody with Uneasy Chairs and Cailleach.

Stream Writhing Treasure Feast in its compelling entirety at THIS LOCATION.

View a recent extended interview with SKANTZE on Facebook at THIS LOCATION.

Featuring lush and unexpected soundscapes divided into seven sections: “Stone,” “Sea,” “Wind,” “Fire,” “Serpent,” “Muck,” and “River,” Writhing Treasure Feast was recorded and mixed by Marc Tweed, mastered by Casey Chittenden Jones, and includes artwork by Ambrosia Bardos and photography by Anima Nocturna.

The Writhing Treasure Feast project is available digitally (audio only) and as a 2xCD with a 72-page art book of photography prints and original text by SKANTZE. For orders, visit SKANTZE‘s Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

“…like a dismal yet familiar return to a place of emotional roots… The music feels reminiscent of the kind of music that might soundtrack a lonesome funeral on a secluded hillside.” — Captured Howls