VALDUR Wages Further War On Humanity With New Track Now Decimating Ears At Metal Injection

Sierra Mountains blackened death conjurors are casting spells and taking names with latest hymn “Incantre,” currently streaming at Metal Injection for your infernal listening pleasures.

The tune comes courtesy of the band’s impending new long player, At War With, scheduled to implode via BloodyMountain Records tomorrow! Recorded at Earhammer Studio with Greg Wilkinson and mastered by Michael Z. (Secrets of the Moon, Ascension) at Source Studios, At War With douses its listeners with ten punishing hymns of audio abhorrence. A grotesque outpouring of war march blasts, harrowing riff torrents, possessed vocal tirades and an all-consuming atmosphere of chaos, apprehension and maniacal discontent, At War With is easily among extreme metal’s best kept secrets.

In speaking of the title track, No Clean Singing boasts, “‘At War With’ is both decimating in its power and imperialistic in its haughty grandeur. The drum and bass attack is huge, the vocals are voracious and ravaging, and the swarming riffs are scathing but memorable. The atmosphere of the music is occult and horrific, but it also rocks very fuckin’ hard and rolls like an avalanche.” MeatMeadMetal crowns At War With, “the band’s best record yet,” furthering,VALDUR‘s re-emergence is a fantastic late-year treat that serves to fill that void of anger and disengagement with society that may be darkening your heart and probably peaking right about now. This is a massive band that has remained under the radar far too long and is ready to scorch everything in the underground so they can blaze their own hellish trail,” while CvltNation notes, “VALDUR creates black metal that evokes the chill of a mountaintop, where only your cabin walls protect you from the harsh world outside… At War With makes that icy wind a reality, whipping its frosty fingers down your spine as they caress the void inside you with hammering beats and cascading riffs.”

Get cozy by the holiday fire with the audio/visual entrails of “Incantre,” now playing at Metal Injection HERE.

And you can still get your frostbite on with “Death Winds Will Cleanse,” streaming at Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Featuring past and current members of Weverin, Endless Blizzard and Plutocracy, VALDUR was forged at the turn of the century in a small mountain town located in the pulsating heart of the Sierra Mountain Range near the Nevada border. It is where desert (Death Valley) meets mountain (Mt. Whitney) and where the unholy trio celebrate the freedom and space to dwell without interference of fashionable “scenes” or “rulebooks.”

At War With will rise on December 17, 2013 via BloodyMountain Records.