REDNECK: Eolian Empire To Deliver Cassette Release From Harsh Noise Violator

In 1996, a strange figure emerged from the backwoods of Kelso, Washington and trudged to Portland, Oregon. This infamous being — who came to be known as REDNECK — soon began appearing at houses, basements, and warehouses all over the area assaulting audiences with the harsh noise of his harsh reality.

The sounds rattling around inside REDNECK‘s twisted head come to life at punishing volume, as field recordings of chopping wood and breaking glass are amplified and distorted beyond comprehension. And REDNECK‘s nightmare soundtrack manifests in frighteningly physical performances. He may be secretly watching you for hours before he suddenly appears and drags himself slowly toward his set of sound-destroying electronics. What at first seems harmless — repetitive sounds conjuring scenes of him going about his daily chores — soon becomes increasingly tense, an ominous feeling envelopes the room as he stares with dead eyes at those who have gathered. Then, without warning, there is a change, as the sounds erupt into a cacophony. REDNECK flails, falls, whips his head about in a frenzy, smashes things into his face, and screams bloody murder as the receiving vessel for imperceptible messages disguised in the undulating textures of noise blasting on all sides. When it ends, REDNECK is left broken, face down on the floor, victim to his own tortured mind.

Possession captures two tracks of this soloist’s harsh noisescapes; sonic death on tape. Fans of Merzbow, NON, Throbbing Gristle, and mid-century sound collages will no doubt be drawn into REDNECK‘s new dimension of the harshest and most experimental music. All others, BEWARE.

Portland-based interloper sect, Eolian Empire, will disburse Possession on cassette and via download on Tuesday, December 31st. Just days later, REDNECK will collaborate with local act Rohit, providing adequately demoralizing opening support for The Body and Corrections House.

1/03/2014 Tonic Lounge Portland – Portland, OR w/ Corrections House, The Body, Rohit [info]

Stand by for audio from Possession to overthrow the airwaves for its impeding release. For now, witness the violence that is a REDNECK live set HERE and endure his track, “Princess,” from Eolian Empire’s KEEP OUR HEADS comp HERE.