VALDUR: Longrunning Alpine Black/Death Conjurors Confirm Details Of Imminent New Full-Length

Alpine black/death conjurors, VALDUR, today confirm preliminary details of their impending new full-length. Dubbed At War With, the follow up to the band’s 2010-released Raven Gods Among Us was recorded at Earhammer Studio with Greg Wilkinson at the helm, is currently being mastered by Michael Z. (Secrets of the Moon, Ascension) at Source Studios and boasts ten psalms of sonic repugnance.

Notes drummer Matthew bluntly, “I’m not very comfortable trying put VALDUR‘s music into words, but I think that what is important is that we have the luxury of doing what we want, when we want… and in the end, it will be our music and artwork that will do all the talking.”

Feel the infernal enormity of a rough version of the title track at THIS LOCATION.

Crowned “the best black metal band in the United States that you’ve probably never heard of,” by and featuring past and current members of Weverin, Endless Blizzard and

Plutocracy, VALDUR was forged at the turn of the century in a small mountain town located in the pulsating heart of the Sierra Mountain Range near the Nevada border. It is where desert (Death Valley) meets mountain (Mt. Whitney) and where the unholy trio celebrate the freedom and space to dwell without interference of fashionable “scenes” or “rulebooks.”

At War With will rise on December 17, 2013 via BloodyMountain Records. Additional details to be unveiled in due time.

VALDUR Personnel:
Matthew: Drums
William: Bass
Samuel: Guitar/Vocals