UNRUH: Three Cuts From Tomb 3xLP Box Set Streaming At Decibel

In celebration of their recent twenty-year reunion, today Decibel Magazine spews forth three cuts from UNRUH‘s massive triple-LP box set.

Recently unleashed via King Of The Monsters, the epic collection features the entire recorded discography and more from the Phoenix, Arizona hardcore outfit. From their formation in the Spring of 1995 until its demise only five years later, UNRUH formed from the ashes of Uruk Hai, joined by members of Scourge and Wellington. With their searing alloy of crust, hardcore and metal influences, packing just as much grueling, low-end sludge torture as they did rabid, blazing powerviolence/hardcore attacks, UNRUH‘s desert harsh output saw them comparable to Corrupted, Crossed Out, Rorshach, Assück, Gehenna, Milhouse and the like. Besides decimating the Southwest live continuously, the band toured the US several times and even stormed Europe on tour in 1999, before disbanding in May of 2000. Following the band’s dissipation, the members have gone on to form and play with Landmine Marathon, Black Hell, GOG, Antique Scream, Ofdeath, Structure Of Lies, North Side Kings, District 9 and more.

Within the half decade of their existence, UNRUH churned out a respectable arsenal of recorded works, including several demos, two LPs through King Of The Monsters and Pessimiser, several split releases and EPs, notable compilation inclusions and more, all of which are now being collectively re-released in this triple LP set. The massive package, fittingly dubbed The Tomb, includes the Misery Strengthened Faith and Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LPs as well as an entire third platter of B-Sides, amassing the two demos, the band’s splits with Enewetak and Creation Is Crucifixion, the Friendly Fire EP and their material from the Seven Deadly Sins and Cry Now, Cry Later compilations. Additionally, the digital version will include a live set from CBGB’s, captured on UNRUH‘s tour with Fall Silent in 1997.

Today Decibel offers up three streams – one tune from each release: From Misery Strengthened Faith comes “Compost,” from Setting Fire To Sinking Ships is “Friendly Fire” and from the Singles and EPs collection is “Breadwinner” (live in the studio demo 1995).

Check them out at THIS LOCATION.

Limited to 499 copies, The Tomb box set is currently available via King Of The Monsters and comes in two color variants: 155 on grey vinyl and 354 on black vinyl and comes with digital download card with a bonus live set from CBGBs recorded on their 1997 tour with Fall Silent. Order yours at THIS LOCATION.