UFOMAMMUT: Neurot Recordings Debut Out Today In North America

Today North American fans of Italian supernatural sludge sorcerers UFOMAMMUT can finally purchase the band’s Neurot Recordings debut LP, Oro: Opus Primum, the band’s sixth full-length, boasting the most gargantuan and expansive material the trio have constructed to date.

Building up to the release date, UFOMAMMUT have unveiled full video versions of all five massive anthems that form Oro: Opus Primum via different outlets internationally, Now view all five videos documenting the entire album visually below. The audio for album can also still be streamed in its entirety via ROADBURN.

With incredible reviews and reactions pouring in from print and online media outlets everywhere on Oro: Opus Primum, the album is still only half of the Oro story, as the second installment, Oro: Opus Alter will be released worldwide in September. Stay tuned as the album is unveiled to the public video-by-video in the audio/visual approach of UFOMAMMUT over the Summer months.

UFOMAMMUT will embark upon their European tour alongside Incoming Cerebral Overdrive this week in support of the new album, and will follow the tour with multiple massive festival appearances this Summer including Hellfest, Dourfestival, Hells Pleasure Festival and more.

UFOMAMMUT European Tour Dates & Festival Appearances:
4/18/2012 Etnoblog – Trieste, Italy w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/19/2012 Kapu – Linz, Austria w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/20/2012 Feierwerk – Munich, Germany w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/21/2012 Desertfest – Berlin, Germany w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/22/2012 Burgerweeshuis – Deventer, Netherlands w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/24/2012 The Garage – London, England w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/26/2012 Magasin 4 – Brussels, Belgium w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
4/28/2012 Haus der Jugend – Freiburg, Germany w/ Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
6/16/2012 Hellfest – Clisson, France
7/13/2012 Vera – Groningen, Netherlands
7/14/2012 Festival d Affaire – Nijmegen, Netherlands
7/15/2012 Dourfestival – Dour, Belgium
7/18/2012 Fonobar – Warsaw, Poland
7/20/2012 Hells Pleasure Festival – Pössneck, Germany
7/21/2012 Arena – Vienna, Austria

“In terms of heaviness, Ufomammut’s other key selling point, production and overall approach be praised, because this is undoubtedly the heftiest material the band has assembled to date. 9/10” – Metal Review

“Ufommamut are a crushing doom band but in my mind, they are also taking psychedelic rock to places it has never been before. Full of emotional depth, atmospheric complexities and breath-taking melodies and riffing; ‘Oro: Opus Primum’ is the most detailed, ambitious piece of work that Ufomammut have ever recorded. 9.5/10.” – Doommantia

“If YOB were higher, they might sound like this. If an alt-Earth Iommi trapped a Hawkwind radio signal in a hyper-stretched tunnel through time-space and fed it frightening amounts of sonic steroids, this album might exist in multiple dimensions of reality…” – Chronicles of Chaos

“…for spaced-out doom done right, it doesn’t get much better. 9/10” – Hellbound

“As if endlessly searching for its own soul, Opus Primum digs deep into enormity, the album’s limitlessness of sound both an enticing draw into Ufomammut’s vision and as an enthralling primer for their follow-up, Opus Alter. 4.5/5” – Stereokiller