DOG SHREDDER New Record Out Today And Streaming In Its Entirety

DOG SHREDDER‘s Brass Tactics 12″ is out today via Seattle’s Good To Die Records! The record shows the scorching underbelly of the Bellingham, Washington-based trio at their most over three technical, caustic, unrestrained, psychotically-charged tracks that consume fifteen minutes. To help disseminate the release of this beast upon the lands, the folks at Invisible Oranges are hosting a full stream of Brass Tactics… CLICK HERE!

A stint of DOG SHREDDER live appearances throughout the Pacific Northwest are also confirmed, beginning with two record release shows next week followed by a trio of dates in early May. A more extensive West Coast tour is being devised for early June and will be announced in the coming weeks.

DOG SHREDDER Confirmed Tour Dates:
4/26/2012 Barboza – Seattle, WA – Brass Tactics Record Release Show w/ Sandrider, Monogamy Party, Brokaw
4/27/2012 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA – Brass Tactics Record Release Show w/ Sandrider + more
5/10/2012 Dante’s – Portland, OR w/ Black Elk, White Orange, Norska
5/11/2012 The Comet – Seattle, WA w/ The Ruby Doe, Black Elk, Akimbo
5/12/2012 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA w/ The Ruby Doe, Black Elk, Akimbo

“…they definitely sound like they’re throwing everything into the ring, trying to turn the Fucking Champs into the Fucking Chumps.” – Pitchfork

“…one of the more complex and surprising records I have heard so far this year. With a name like Dog Shredder, what’s not to love? 9/10” – American Aftermath

“…Dog Shredder has come roaring back with Brass Tactics, a three-song EP that leavens its brevity with pulverizing rock bravado. Lightning quick time changes, epic shredding (of guitars, not dogs), and prog-metal thrashing…” – Seattle Weekly

“Multi-layered and tightly knit while simultaneously maintaining a level of spacey ambiance and a penchant for animal references, Dog Shredder may just be the metal response to Animal Collective that we have all been unconsciously searching for.” – Invisible Oranges

“…high tension music that fuses together elements of punk, prog and laser-focused jams to create an experimental sound not unlike South Youth covering Black Sabbath.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“…a chaotic and petulant release that rejects easy classification, displaying the messy energy of punk but with the sheer skill and instrumental sophistication of progressive metal, and a rollicking, irreverent hard rock quality.” –