TROG: MetalSucks Premieres “The Void” Featuring Will Smith From Reeking Aura And Afterbirth; Debut Album From New Jersey Death Metal Crew Horrors Beyond, Nears June 28th Release

photos by Cultivision

“…a punishing new single that urges you to let your disgusting human form melt away under its wall of brutality…” – MetalSucks

As New Jersey death metal quartet TROG prepares for the June release their gorestrewn debut album, Horrors Beyond, MetalSucks premieres a lyric video for the new single “The Void,” featuring guest vocals from Will Smith (Afterbirth, Reeking Aura, Buckshot Facelift, ex-Artificial Brain).

Originally formed in 2019 under the longer moniker, Troglorot, TROG’s current lineup was solidified in late 2021 when guitarist TJ Coon (Sentient Horror) joined the ranks alongside drummer Hudson Barth (Reeking Aura), guitarist/bassist Dan Erdenberger (ex-Cypher Seer), and vocalist Pete Colucci (Apocrophex, Gukurahundi). The band independently released the Of Vomit Reborn EP in July of 2022 to great acclaim, and now sets the bar higher with their debut full-length, Horrors Beyond.

Expanding upon the groove-oriented blend of twisted death metal and relentless thrash displayed on Of Vomit Reborn, the Horrors Beyond record sees TROG double down on neck-breaking riffage while incorporating flourishes of icy black metal melody. The thirty-four-minute runtime of Horrors Beyond spans seven otherworldly tracks, ranging lyrically from interdimensional organ trafficking to the methodical obliteration of advanced ancient civilizations, and features guest vocals on “The Void” by William Smith (Afterbirth, Reeking Aura) and a guitar solo on “Interstellar Offal Dealer” by Kurtis Layne (Castrator-live).

Horrors Beyond was entirely engineered and mixed by drummer Hudson Barth, mastered by the legendary Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves in Queens, NYC (Gorguts, Artificial Brain, Imperial Triumphant), and features profoundly grotesque artwork from emerging Canadian visual artist Emile Roy and photography by Colin Tunney.

With “The Void,” TROG reveals, “‘The Void’ is about being disgusted with the human form and reaching a higher consciousness because of it, dematerializing the flesh vessel, and ascending to the next realm as nothing but an enlightened ray of light. The song is inspired by an ancient Buddhism meditation practice of Tögal, ultimately leading to the state of ‘Rainbow Light Body’ upon death by its most disciplined practitioners. Light in different forms plays a huge role in subject matter throughout the entire album as both a pro- and antagonist. Musically, this track is a mid-paced groover, but features one of the most melodic passages on the record. We feel it blends outright brutality with more deliberate melodies in a pretty cool way, and Big Will’s vocals during the song’s climax take the atmosphere to the next level.”

MetalSucks writes, “Emerging from the depths of depravity commonly referred to as New Jersey, death metal band TROG have dropped a punishing new single that urges you to let your disgusting human form melt away under its wall of brutality… Fair warning though — hitting play on the single below will instantly make you realize that hailing from arguably the most hated state (and we hate you too) means you can write some incredibly misanthropic death metal.”

Scope TROG’s “The Void” lyric video first at MetalSucks RIGHT HERE.

Horrors Beyond will be independently released on CD and digital on June 28th, and on cassette through Frozen Screams Imprint. Find preorders HERE, and watch TROG’s “Ritual Corpse Division” 3D animated video HERE.