DESOLAT: No Echo Premieres “This Band Is Your Yoga” Video By Austrian Noise Rock/Hardcore Punk Trio; Dan Swanö-Mastered Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die LP Nears Release On Reptilian Records

photo by Alex Aigner

“…a sound straddling the lines between noise rock, hardcore punk, and sludge…” – No Echo

As Vienna, Austria-based DESOLAT prepares for the June 14th release of their second LP, Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die, through long-running noise rock mongers Reptilian Records, No Echo today premieres the band’s video for “This Band Is Your Yoga.”

DESOLAT’s crushing Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die deploys eight ripping tracks with a riotous, relentless momentum, while lyrical undercurrents of political unrest, societal disgust, and a live fast/die young callousness shred their way through. The record’s artwork and title were inspired by Texas’ Brutal Juice and their 1995 Alternative Tentacles-released masterpiece, I Love The Way They Scream When They Die. Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die was recorded and mixed by Rainer Spänle at Cosmix Studios in Vienna, mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound (Opeth, Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath), with design elements by Lisl Matzer. The track “Great White Northern Shitlicker” features saxophone by Michael Masen. This is music for fans of Unsane, Neurosis, Entombed, Iron Monkey, Helmet, Discharge, Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus Lizard. Get sick!

Musically, DESOLAT pays their respect to their all-time heroes like Nomeansno, Copshootcop, Alice Donut, and Swing Kids, as exemplified in “This Band Is Your Yoga.” The video simply showcases a clique of punks having fun for a day. The script, camera, and direction for the video were handled by Alfred Satani.

The band writes, “While the song’s lyrics – ‘wake up in speed, in light, in cold, and rise up indeed, before you fall’ – are a little poem that speaks of empowerment and the frequent reality of decline, it is thwarted by samples of John Boorman’s ‘Zardoz,’ a dystopian delusion that serves as a social commentary on class difference and dehumanization by intellectual dazzlement, drawn through a lush dose of nihilism. Empowerment, nihilism, and confusion; welcome to the anti-esoteric community of faith: DESOLAT!”

No Echo writes with the video’s public unveiling, “DESOLAT is a power trio with a sound straddling the lines between noise rock, hardcore punk, and sludge… The DESOLAT dudes cite Nomeansno, Alice Donut, and Copshootcop as key points of inspiration to their sound.”

Summon your inner nihilist and pogo until your legs snap to DESOLAT’s “This Band Is Your Yoga” video at No Echo RIGHT HERE.

Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die will be released on Red Transparent vinyl including a download card through US noise rock juggernaut Reptilian Records and digitally through Austria’s Bloodshed 666 Records on June 14th. Find preorders at the Reptilian webshop HERE and Bandcamp where “(Gin) Tonic Youth” is playing HERE.

Austria and Vienna are better known for The Sound Of Music, Mozart, Empress Sissi, and some sense of cozy beauty than grim music. But Unsane’s Chris Spencer barely survived an act of violence there, Henry Rollins wrote about being impressed by the borderline assertiveness of the local punks, their all-time favorites are the infamous Pungent Stench, and when the Viennese Actionism was up to mischief in the 1960s, it drove worldwide astonishment. There’s legendary fields of unpleasant deviance and transgression in Vienna, and that’s where DESOLAT stirs around.

Established in 2018, DESOLAT’s grimy noise rock is rooted in hardcore/punk and infused with elements of sludge, crust, and death metal created by three veterans of the Viennese DIY anarcho punk scene, current and former members of Phal:Angst, Cyruss, Dim Prospects, La Ligne Maginot, Gfrast, Face The Owl, Radikalkur, E.M.S., and others. The band’s beginning days were cut short as COVID-19 lockdowns were put into place after playing only three shows. Nevertheless, they have since managed to release two EPs and one LP, with album number two, Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die, now on the verge of release.

photo by Paayarazzi