TRIBAL GAZE: Texas Death Metal Act Reissues Remastered/Expanded Edition Of Godless Voyage Debut EP Via Maggot Stomp; Band In The Studio Recording Debut LP

Texas death metal act TRIBAL GAZE presents an expanded/remastered version of their debut EP, Godless Voyage, out today through Maggot Stomp.

As a metalhead, you’ve felt the TRIBAL GAZE: the penetrating stare of persecution from a collective united in belief, as you cross the threshold into their territory. But the Longview, Texas death metallers are taking control of it. They’re the tribe, and the shared faith is more a rejection of it; oppressive religion and politics are a cancer to be eradicated.

It’s a mission summed up in the title and lyrics of TRIBAL GAZE’s 2021 debut EP, Godless Voyage, newly remastered with an all-new bonus track, “The Grand Arrival.” The quintet dissects religion, digging into the good, the bad and the ugly, challenging those who cast judgment. In doing so, they aim to fully comprehend the weight of the archaic beliefs and highlight the societal hierarchy from which they come. Why is it that some can perceive the beliefs to form a hopeful and loving community, yet others weaponize it to defend their greed and need for power—if not outright attack?

Bolstered by riffs inspired by Cannibal Corpse, Crowbar, and Mammoth Grinder, TRIBAL GAZE is fighting back. And with their recent partnership with Maggot Stomp, their army is only expanding and now wielding clubs.

The expanded/remastered edition of TRIBAL GAZE’s Godless Voyage is now streaming RIGHT HERE.

The Godless Voyage reissue is now available on CD, cassette, 12″ EP, and digital formats through Maggot Stomp at Bandcamp HERE.

TRIBAL GAZE is currently in the studio working on their debut LP The Nine Choirs which will be out through Maggot Stomp late this Summer.

Watch for further developments to be issued in the months ahead.