TRAPPIST Announces Ancient Brewing Tactics Debut Album Due Out August 17th Via Relapse; “Wolves In The Taproom” And “No Corporate Beer” Streaming At Decibel Magazine

[photo by Paul Lee]

Los Angeles craft beer connoisseurs TRAPPIST brew forth their highly-anticipated, debut full-length Ancient Brewing Tactics, due out August 17th via Relapse Records. Two tracks from the album – “Wolves In The Taproom” and a re-recorded version of the previously released “No Corporate Beer” – have been premiered through Decibel Magazine as preorders are unleashed.

Formed in 2014 and consisting of scene legends Chris Dodge (Spazz, ex-Infest, ex-Despise You, etc.), Phil Vera (Crom, Despise You, ex-(16)-) and Ryan Harkins (co-owner of popular heavy metal-themed burger joint Grill ‘Em All), TRAPPIST has one clear mission, to annihilate the listener with a storm of d-beat, crust punk, powerviolence, and hardcore all in the name of BEER. Picture Discharge-style punk and Xeroxed WWII photos with bombs replaced by casks, cans, and kegs.

Ancient Brewing Tactics deploys twenty-one tracks in thirty-three minutes; booze-induced chaos, bound to knock you on your ass faster than shotgunning a 15% Russian Imperial Stout. TRAPPIST rounds out their alcohol-fueled blasts with special guest appearances by Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan), Steve Brooks (Torche), and Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer). NO CORPORATE BEER.

With the premiere of “Wolves In The Taproom” TRAPPIST declares, “It’s about a bus load of bros showing up at our local indie brewery, and their only reason to be there is to get shit-faced and turn it into amateur hour. Learn some respect for the craftsmanship of our culture, you friggin’ mongos. Get out of our scene!” Of the re-recorded version of “No Corporate Beer” they issue, “The title says it all. Corporate brewing is all about creating an assembly line of low-cost swill at maximum profit. If you really want to fight the man, support independent brewers.”

Stream TRAPPIST’s “Wolves In The Taproom” and revamped “No Corporate Beer” at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

For the ultimate sensory experience, TRAPPIST has recommended a specific beer pairing for listeners to drink along to each song on the album! “Wolves In The Taproom” is paired with Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal Imperial Stout and “No Corporate Beer” with Eagle Rock Brewery Amwolf Pilsner. True aficionados only!

TRAPPIST‘s debut album Ancient Brewing Tactics is due out August 17th on CD, LP, and digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available via HERE and digital downloads / streaming services HERE.

Chris Dodge is also now writing for Decibel Magazine’s No Corporate Beer review column; check it out HERE.

Ancient Brewing Tactics Track Listing & Beer Pairings:
1. No Soldier Left Behind (3 Floyds Zombie Dust Pale Ale)
2. This Means Wort (FiftyFifty Brewing Eclipse Imperial Stout)
3. Tesguino (Cerveza Fauna Penelope Coffee Porter)
4. The Patron Saints (Orval Belgian Pale Ale)
5. Hymn To Ninkasi (Beachwood Brewing Citraholic IPA)
6. Waiting In Line – First Stanza (Jackie O’s BBA Oil Of Aphrodite with Coffee Imperial Stout)
7. Giving The Boot To Reinheitsgebot (Schneider Weisse Aventinus Weizen Bock)
8. Swignorant (The Bruery Mash Barleywine)
9. Nihamanchnihamnchii (Insurgente La Lupolsa IPA)
10. Frank The Tank (Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout)
11. No Corporate Beer (Eagle Rock Brewery Amwolf Pilsner)
12. Victims Of A Bomber Raid (Surly Brewing Darkness Russian Imperial Stout)
13. 99 Problems (But A Beer Ain’t One) (TRVE Possession Saison)
14. Proost-Op (De Struise Black Albert Russian Imperial Stout)
15. Waiting In Line – Second Stanza (The Veil Brewing Daddy’s Home Triple IPA)
16. To The Pint (Thrash Zone Chris Dodge’s Ham Slappin’ Aru-Chu Ale Barley Wine)
17. You’re The Reason (Sante Adairius Saison Bernice Farmhouse Ale)
18. Garbage Human (Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Vietnamese Coffee)
19. Waiting In Life – Third Stanza (Lawson’s Finest Liquids Double IPA)
20. Wolves In The Taproom (Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal Imperial Stout)
21. Trappist-1: Final Gravity (Zundert Trappist Abbey Tripel)

Chris Dodge – bass, vocals, brewing
Phil Vera – guitars, vocals, fermentation
Ryan Harkins – drums, vocals, bottling