TRAGIC DEATH: MetalBite Premieres Born Of Dying Embers EP From Apocalyptic Blackened Metal Unit On The Eve Of Its Release

“Atmospheric yet all the while vile, Born Of Dying Embers is a composition well balanced in depicting a landscape of annihilation and hopelessness.” — MetalBite

Metal Bite is currently streaming Born Of Dying Embers, the latest EP from Madison, Wisconsin-based apocalyptic blackened metal unit, TRAGIC DEATH. The premiere comes in advance of the EP’s official release Friday, October 25th.

Boasting three fiery tracks of haunting, blackened, cataclysmal death, the EP was recorded at their own Gateway Studios, mixed by TRAGIC DEATH drummer Cody Stein, mastered by Adam Tucker (False, Thou, Void Omnia, Ulthar) at Signaturetone Recordings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and features the foreboding cover art of J.Nihil of Nightside Reflections.

Issues Metal Bite of the work, “Atmospheric yet all the while vile, Born Of Dying Embers is a composition well balanced in depicting a landscape of annihilation and hopelessness. The cover art by J Nihil presents a beauty unfolding within this sonic chaos so excellently captured by Adam Tucker at Signature Tone Recordings. Certainly an effort to behold…”

Stream Born Of Dying Embers, exclusively at MetalBite, at THIS LOCATION.

Born Of Dying Embers will be self-released digitally. For preorders, visit the TRAGIC DEATH Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Preferring to tread purposely in the face of opposition, TRAGIC DEATH is a band that has drifted from multiple soundscapes while remaining steadfast in their vision of crafting music that carries a sound and atmosphere of the dreadful and inevitable end of civilization. Releasing their debut, Apocalyptic Metal, in 2012, the band adopted a style reminiscent of the Gothenburg metal scene before upping the ante with the sinister blackened aura for 2014’s split with California-based Fiends At Feast, Purgatory Rites. Five years later, the band travels further down their chaotic path with Born Of Dying Embers. Wielding a chaotic amalgam of black metal, thrash, and death metal doused in haze of unsettling synth work, TRAGIC DEATH’s output is at once ominous and transcendental.

TRAGIC DEATH smirk at the oncoming storm with their brand of apocalyptic black metal. Not content with just abusing your ears with the same lo-fi tremolo-and-blast-beat we’re-so-spooky mixture that too many black metal bands do, TRAGIC DEATH weaves different riffs, tempos, and atmospheres to create something that is complex, yet highly accessible…” — Toilet Ov Hell