TODAY IS THE DAY: Vinyl Reissues Of Classic Supernova And Today Is The Day LPs Out Now On SuperNova Records

SuperNova Records presents brand new vinyl reissues of TODAY IS THE DAY’s seminal LPs Supernova and Today Is The Day. Both records are out today.

Following the release of their acclaimed No Good To Anyone LP, released through BMG in February of 2020, TODAY IS THE DAY founder Steve Austin used the downtime of the COVID-19 lockdowns to secure the rights to every one of the band’s albums, relaunching his SuperNova Records label. With the entire catalog now under one roof, the label reissued the band’s entire back-catalog digitally and began rolling out additional TODAY IS THE DAY recordings, rare gems, previously unreleased material, and more, and began repressing the catalog in updated physical incarnations, leading with last year’s reissue of the seminal 1994 album Willpower.

2024 will see the label stepping this mission up in a major way, beginning with reissues of the band’s debut LP, Supernova, and third album Today Is The Day, originally released through Amphetamine Reptile Records, in 1993 and 1996, respectively. Along with Willpower, which was released between these two albums, TODAY IS THE DAY forged an entirely new style of psychedelia-soaked noise rock/experimental metal that would solidify the band’s foundation as an undeniable force in the underground music scene, and this AmRep triad remains some of the band’s most seminal and influential material now three decades later.

Meticulously remastered by founder Steve Austin for vinyl from the original analog recordings, these new reissues represent the most accurate depiction of the records as originally intended by the band. The artwork has been recreated with great efforts made in keeping true to the original releases. Supernova will be pressed on Multi-Color Splattered Vinyl and Today Is The Day will be pressed on Ghostly Black Ice Vinyl, emulating the cover art of each. Both records will be reissued in runs of 500 copies alongside new shirt designs.

Steve Austin reveals, “2024 is finally going to be upon us and I am psyched that we have a lot of killer music coming out that I’ve been working on throughout 2023. We start the year off with the long-awaited vinyl reissues of TODAY IS THE DAY’s first album, Supernova, and third album, Today Is The Day LP. Every detail of these two releases we tried to update, down to the clarity of the graphics and sonic refinements, while staying true to the old-school original AmRep releases. Each record’s corresponding shirt will be available as well. It was wild getting these together. I wanted to make sure they sounded the very best and looked awesome!”

TODAY IS THE DAY’s reissues of Supernova and Today Is The Day are out TODAY. Place orders at the SuperNova Records webstore HERE, and scope a brief teaser for the reissues HERE.

Additionally, Austin is putting the final touches on TODAY IS THE DAY’s impending new album for release mid-year, as well as his first traditional old-school country album, and more. Stand by for updates on everything to post over the weeks ahead.