TITAN TO TACHYONS: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Morphing Machineminds” From Cactides LP; NYC Trio With Current/Former Orbweaver, Secret Chiefs 3, Cleric, And John Zorn Members To Release Album In August Via Nefarious Industries

photos by Karen Jerzyk

New York City-based avant/instrumental metal trio TITAN TO TACHYONS has completed their debut album, Cactides, which is now confirmed for mid-August release through Nefarious Industries. As the record’s details, and preorders, are issued, the lead track and maiden single, “Morphing Machineminds,” has been released through an exclusive premiere at Decibel Magazine.

Newly formed TITAN TO TACHYONS is led by guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Orbweaver, ex-Gigan), backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Kenny Grohowski (Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Brand X) and Matt Hollenberg (Cleric, John Zorn). Instrumentally depicting the realms of surrealistic sci-fi, the band makes use of angular and experimental passages, juxtaposed by fluid grooves and metallic flurries.

On the heels of their first performances around New York City last year, TITAN TO TACHYONS tracked five dense, intense, and expansive movements to create their debut album, Cactides. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves (Dysrhythmia, Behold… The Arctopus, Cleric) in Queens, New York, which also coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing. The closing track, “Everybody’s Dead, Dave,” features guest musician Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Secret Chiefs 3) on bass for a structured improvisational piece. The record is completed with artwork and layout by Sally Gates with photos by Karen Jerzyk.

Of “Morphing Machineminds,” Sally Gates offers, “TITAN TO TACHYONS began on a surf beach in New Zealand, with just a notebook in my hands. I started formulating the idea for a new band as a vehicle to explore my own voice and tastes that were evolving; going forward with new concepts, but also circling further back into my roots, tapping into influences that I’d never expressed musically before.

As a largely visually influenced person, I wanted to translate ideas of unsettling and seemingly abstract surrealities, particularly based on the likes of Lynch and Kubrick, into musical themes and textures. sci-fi storylines were often used as a device to map out song structures and dynamics. (To further nerd out here, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, Phillip K Dick, etc). ‘Morphing Machineminds’ in particular paints an image of Lynch-esque illusions of backwards movement, tied to the idea of a sentient machine malfunctioning and interspersing itself within smoother, almost comical passages.

The writing process for this track traversed three cities in two different countries. After beginning in New Zealand, a lot of these parts were written during the tension and claustrophobia of awaiting hurricanes in Miami. Everything came together after relocating to New York, where I was extremely fortunate to join forces with Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski. The pair intuitively felt where I was coming from and elevated the music by adding their own highly sophisticated and skilled voices to the mix.”

Decibel writes of the track, “A band featuring current and former members of Orbweaver, Gigan, Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Cleric, and John Zorn promises to be weird and TITAN TO TACHYONS does not disappoint… Take opening track ‘Morphing Machineminds’ as an example – the track is all over the place with its ideas and tempo, but TITAN TO TACHYONS never go off the rails.”

Stream TITAN TO TACHYONS’ “Morphing Machineminds” only at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Cactides will see release on LP and all digital platforms on Friday, August 14th. The LP is pressed on bone white and gold vinyl with aqua blue splatter, with a full-color insert in no-flap poly bag, hand numbered, limited to 300 copies.

Find preorders at the Nefarious Industries webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional audio, video, and more from the album to be issued over the coming weeks.

Cactides Track Listing:
1. Morphing Machineminds
2. The Starthinker is Obsolete
3. Tycho Magnetic
4. Earth, and Squidless
5. Everybody’s Dead, Dave