TIA CARRERA: New Noise Debuts Tried And True Full-Length From Austin Heavy Psych/Blues Rock Instrumental Trio; Record To Drop This Friday Via Small Stone

“…the perfect, jammy record to kick off summer…” — New Noise

Austin, Texas-based heavy psych/blues rock instrumentalists TIA CARRERA will release their kaleidoscopic new full-length, Tried And True, this Friday June 12th via Small Stone!

Crowning it, “the perfect, jammy record to kick off summer,” New Noise Magazine is hosting an early preview of Tried And True. Notes guitarist/engineer Jason Morales, “I truly believe Tried And True is our best release yet! It’s a great example of what we do and really proves how our improvised style has progressed over the last twenty years.”

Stream TIA CARRERA’s Tried And True, now playing at New Noise Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded and mixed at The BBQ Shack in Austin, engineered by Morales, mastered by Jerry Tubb at Nova Mastering (also in Austin) and swathed in the eye-catching artwork of Alexander Von Weding, Tried And True will see release on CD, digital and limited edition vinyl formats. Fans of Earthless, Jimi Hendrix, All Them Witches, Fu Manchu, Black Elephant, and Kyuss pay heed.

Find Tried And True preorders at the Small Stone Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Morales and drummer Erik Conn are pushing two decades under the TIA CARRERA banner. Thus, latest endeavor, Tried And True, has more than earned its name. Ahead of 2019’s two-song Visitors/Early Purple LP, the founding duo recruited longtime friend and Austin legend Curt Christenson (Dixie Witch, Crimson Devils) as a permanent member, and his well-established bass wizardry has served to embolden the band’s sound, dynamics, and unspoken communion as artists. Tried And True represents in blistering fashion TIA CARRERA‘s unwavering trajectory of heavy psych/blues bliss exploration.

The band is famously selective about what they release to the public. With each performance unique by virtue of improvisation, they’ve amassed a huge, never-issued collection of recorded material, both live performances and private studio tracks. Tried And True is a sonic voyage culled from their latest studio work and across a thirty-seven-minute LP (the compact disc runs seventy-one minutes with the included “Visitors” and “Early Purple” bonus tracks) the three-piece once again scorches their way into the hearts of the lysergic converted. As veterans, TIA CARRERA remain fueled by passion and creative drive, and any time they’ll let us hear what they’ve been up to, we can only consider ourselves lucky.

“Taking acid constitutes the ultimate summer improv, so Jason Morales’ other-plane desert shred leads the longtime exploratory comet across scorched time and space.” — Austin Chronicle

“…their groovy, leaf-sweetening riffs are as tasty as ever… ‘Taos’ is indeed extremely off-the-cuff sounding. It finds the band floating way out in jam/acid rock territory, and it’s the kind of song that can really take you there, even without any added enhancements. Turn on, tune in, and drop out…” — BrooklynVegan on “Taos”

“…similar to every single genuine showstopper in music, it’s best processed eagerly, in an obscured room, peacefully, from beginning to end. No interruptions. Permit each note to saturate your brain and discover a spot to rest. Permit each idea and feeling incited to arouse and putrefy. In the end, similar to all extraordinary melodic works, you’ll remove your earphones, sit up, mumble, ‘wow…’ to yourself, at that point hit play and take another outing to the gut of the mammoth.” — Moshpit Nation