THINNING THE HERD: NYC Trio Releases New Track With Stereokiller

Today, New York City-based THINNING THE HERD triumphantly releases another new song from their pending second studio album, the Steve Albini-recorded Freedom From The Known.

The six-minute riff-wrangling anthem “Sludge” stomps triumphantly through smooth, bluesy metallic rock riffs and thunders with great bass tone on a slow-paced transcendental sort of journey which gives way to stampeding stoner/classic rock jam-outs and back, boasting an almost desert-rock approach while being conceived and recorded in the most massive urban territories of the country.

Get tripped-up by some “Sludge” via Stereokiller RIGHT HERE.

Following their debut EP and debut LP, Oceans Rise, founding THINNING THE HERD vocalist/guitarist Gavin Spielman recruited a new rhythm section in 2012, bringing bassist Wes Edmonds and drummer Rick Cimato (ex-Locked In A Vacancy) on board. The new lineup honed recorded the sophomore album Freedom From The Known at Electrical Audio Studios with studio guru Steven Albini and had filmed a new video for the album, and as they were preparing to release the album, Rick Cimato was tragically killed in a car accident over the 2012 holiday season. Mourning the loss of their friend, Spielman and Edmonds hosted several local listening parties of the album for local fans and friends to honor Rick and his family, and then brought in drummer Garth Macaleavey to execute the new songs live, as Cimato would have wished.

With nearly forty-five minutes of brand new material, the varied Freedom From The Known continues the THINNING THE HERD tradition of avoiding genre pigeonholing, merging their blues, jam, sludge and NYHC influences into their expansive doom/rock foundation, where party-hard buildups melt into boundary-free jam sessions. Freedom From The Known will be released on CD and digitally via the band’s own Saint Marks Records on May 9th, 2013.

Live THINNING THE HERD shows and regional tour plans are in the works for the immediate future, and will be announced in the coming days and through the Summer months in support of Freedom From The Known; stay tuned.