THEOLOGIAN: Crucial Blast Prepares To Issue New Album From NYC Synth-Death Entity

Magick. Motherhood. Pain. Suffering. Blood. Tension. Nausea. Desire. Obsession. Addiction. Loathing. Violence. The loss of hope. Unfulfilled dreams. Unhealed wounds…. Boasting an enigmatically-haunting and ethereally-crushing wall of noisescapes, in just two weeks the latest release from New York City-based synth-death master, THEOLOGIAN, will see release via the harbingers of sonic devastation, Crucial Blast.

The latest offering from THEOLOGIAN — a.k.a. Leech, also the mastermind behind the renowned power electronics/death industrial outfit Navicon Torture Technologies — Some Things Have To Be Endured features eight new tracks of punishing black industrial, apocalyptic darkwave frequencies, and nerve-rending electronic deathscapes. The album is a collection of collaborations between THEOLOGIAN and a lineup of female vocalists/artists from both within the industrial / noise / dark ambient / coldwave realm and beyond, with contributions from Rachael Kozak (Hecate), Kristen MacArthur (Sewer Goddess), Rachel Maloney (Tonikom), Nikki Telladictorian (Prometheus Burning), Patricia Benitez (Fetish Drone), Gillian Leigh Bowling (Teloahqaal), Christiana Key (Delphic Oracle), Joan Hacker (Factoria), Shari Vari (Void Vision), and professional opera singer Melissa C. Kelly. The tracks shift from grinding industrial dread to ethereal coldwave beauty, blasts of rumbling blackened synthcrush met with washes of haunting electronic melody, while always remaining rooted in THEOLOGIAN‘s bleak, jet-black industrial sound. Co-produced with Derek Rush/Dream Into Dust and mastered by James Plotkin, Some Things Have To Be Endured contains some of the most moving and dramatic music to emerge from THEOLOGIAN‘s black sonic abyss, and the album comes adorned with striking photography by Ione Rucquoi that makes this one of the more visually arresting releases in the outfit’s growing catalog.

Delve into the depths of Some Things Have To Be Endured now pulsating it its entirety AT THIS LOCATION.

Crucial Blast will release Some Things Have To Be Endured on CD/digital this October 15th with a limited vinyl edition to follow shortly after. Stay tuned for further information on the album as well as updates on future live mutations of THEOLOGIAN to be transmitted in the coming days.

Some Things Have To Be Endured Track Listing:
1. Black Cavern Myopia
2. The Conjoined Deviant Procession
3. Writhing Corpus Landscape
4. Gore-Stained Ramparts
5. Like Love, Only Real
6. Grand Guignol
7. Ectothermism
8. Welcome To The Golden Age Of Beggars