THEOLOGIAN Confirms Lineup Shift And Upcoming LP; Band To Perform At Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Fest This Weekend

Theologian-live [photo by Gretchen Heinel]
New York dark industrial entity, THEOLOGIAN, has confirmed a shift in its recording and live lineup, with pre-production of a new full-length album, Contrapasso, fully underway.

Founding THEOLOGIAN orchestrator, Lee Bartow, a.k.a. Theologian Prime, has expanded the cult to induct new member Dave Brenner (ex-Heidnik) for the next phase of the project, including upcoming releases and live executions, while Bartow’s Annihilvs Power Electronix label partner Daniel Suffering (Whorid, Slavernij) continues to fuel the mix with his sonic decay as well. Collaborating in the recesses of Abandon All Hope over recent weeks, THEOLOGIAN‘s dense sound incorporates new elements of instrumentation and vocal horror into the fold. The latest mantras have seen the band’s layered heavy electronics foundation infiltrated by torrents of bowel-eviscerating bass guitar and severe pedal manipulation, with the incorporation of unorthodox percussive tools.

The recording process of THEOLOGIAN‘s next full length, bearing the title Contrapasso, is currently underway. The record will be completed in the coming months and slabbed for release in 2016 — with a label to be confirmed — while additional collaborations, splits or DIY releases are more than likely to writhe their way into existence stemming from the Contrapasso sessions, as the project’s diseased renaissance continues.

A split vinyl LP with Faroese techno maven Ancient Methods is now entering the post-production phase, with mastering sessions beginning in December, and a projected release date of mid-late February 2016 on Berlin-based label Metaphysik. THEOLOGIAN‘s contribution to this release is a single, thirteen-minute ritual drone composition which takes up the record’s first side, featuring haunting cello sounds by Gretchen Heinel and evocative synthwork by Daniel Suffering. Michael Wollenhaupt of Ancient Methods had this to say about the track: “Lee’s track is a monster of a tune…”

THEOLOGIAN continues to plan more live appearances; the outfit performs on the opening night of the Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Fest in Allston, Massachusetts this Friday, October 2nd, alongside Author & Punisher, Compactor, Insect Ark, The Vomit Arsonist and more. The festival organizers will release a compilation album in celebration of this event, featuring THEOLOGIAN‘s remix of “Shame” from the newest album, Melk En Honing by Author & Punisher. THEOLOGIAN has been remixed by Snowbeasts for the same compilation. Annihilvs presents Devil’s Night 2015 at The Acheron in Brooklyn on October 30th, where THEOLOGIAN will perform with the likes of Sewer Goddess, Gnaw, Insect Ark and Kintaan. Additional shows are being planned for November and onward.

THEOLOGIAN’s newest release, A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real, is playing at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE, and the “Surface Of The Real” video at Heathen Harvest HERE.

10/02/2015 Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA @ Voidstar 25th Anniversary Fest @ w/ Author & Punisher, Compactor, Insect Ark, The Vomit Arsonist, more [info]
10/30/2015 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY @ w/ Sewer Goddess, Gnaw, Insect Ark, Kintaan [info]

A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real LP is the first release for Redscroll Records’ new Nothing Under The Sun imprint, and is now available in a one-time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl, and digitally. Order the LP alongside other band merch and recordings via THEOLOGIAN directly HERE, Redscroll Records HERE, and Earsplit Distro HERE, and the digital via Annihilvs Power Electronix alongside tons of other titles HERE.

THEOLOGIAN‘s A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real offers forty-five minutes of material created in collaboration with David Castillo of Primitive Weapons and White Widows Pact, Daniel Suffering of Whorid, Matt Slagle, and engineer Kevin D. Reilly, Jr., who has periodically worked with Bartow since the earliest incarnations of Navicon Torture Technologies in the mid-late 1990s. Noisey had this to say about the newest release: “THEOLOGIAN‘s dark industrial pedigree is impeccable… A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real, is a nightmarish affront of torturous industrial rhythms and suffocating drones…” Invisible Oranges reports, “THEOLOGIAN‘s output is equal parts volume and oppression. A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real only furthers Bartow’s sound assault: the synthesized drones are deeper, the noise harsher, the rhythms more crushing. Somehow, lost within the audio sandstorm, there is a sort of harmonic bliss, slowly meandering through the stark landscapes. THEOLOGIAN does it again.” And Heathen Harvest issued, “Bartow is an artist who, like so many of his influential peers from Brighter Death Now to IRM, has been enormously important to our development as fans of industrial music over the past decade and a half… Bartow leads us once again into the deep, dark recesses of the mind and the world…”