THE ZENITH PASSAGE: Datalysium Full-Length Earns #4 Position On Billboard’s Top New Artists Albums Chart And More!

Photo by Stephanie Cabral

Datalysium, the latest full-length from progressive death metal outfit THE ZENITH PASSAGE, shook Billboard charts upon its first week of release, earning the #4 position on tthe Top New Artists Albums chart! Additional Billboard chart positions include:

#4 Top New Artists Albums
#6 Current Hard Rock Albums
#12 Independent Label Albums
#14 Current Rock Albums
#55 Current Albums

#15 Hard Rock Albums
#17 Current Digital Albums
#28 Top Current Albums

Featuring an overhauled lineup that sees original guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Justin McKinney joined by guitarist Christopher Beattie (Dreamer), vocalist Derek Rydquist (ex-The Faceless, John Frum), and bassist Brandon Giffin (ex-The Faceless, Cynic), Datalysium finds THE ZENITH PASSAGE further pushing disparate influences to the forefront of their sound. Relentless from start to finish, the record is a flawless marriage of technicality, atmosphere, melody, and shifting dynamics, constantly demanding the listener’s undivided attention. From opener “The Axiom Of Error” with its stop-start attack to the agitated, richly textured and unstoppable “Synaptic Depravation,” or the dramatic, lush and epic closing title track, THE ZENITH PASSAGE is relentlessly creative and insistently push their sound in interesting, engrossing directions.

Datalysium was recorded between McKinney’s home studio and Rydquist’s apartment, with some vocals tracked at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Wake), who also mixed the album. McKinney handled the tracking, while they brought in Ryan Williams (The Black Dahlia Murder, John Frum) to produce some of the bass and vocals.

Datalysium is out now on Metal Blade Records on standard LP, limited-edition LP, CD, and digital formats. Order yours today at

Watch the band’s previously released video for “Divinertia II” HERE, “Lexicontagion” HERE, andDatalysium” HERE.

“The songs move in the same creepy, gangly manner a daddy longlegs spider prances across the room when you’re trying to obliterate it with fuzzy slippers.” — Decibel Magazine

“…one of 2023’s greatest tech death metal opuses.” — Metal Injection

“THE ZENITH PASSAGE aren’t your average technical death metal band. Every moment, nuance and tone is meticulously balanced to create an enthralling experience that sets them apart from the pack. The initial visionaries of the genre may have paved the way but that torch has well and truly been ripped from their grasp.” – Distorted Sound

“The otherworldly electronic hellscape by way of tech-death portrayed here is interesting, and a worthy successor to the already nightmarish musical world of its elder album sibling. Datalysium was created with surgical precision and will leave many a fan of the tech-death spectacle very happy.” – No Clean Singing

“Datalyisium houses the strongest material of their career, and is effortlessly in the running for progressive death metal record of 2023.”  — Wall Of Sound

“Their musicianship is top notch, and the songs are varied enough to ensnare long time listeners and new fans alike.” — Metal Temple

“…a near-perfect technical death metal record that THE ZENITH PASSAGE should absolutely be proud of. Their skill of playing with tempos and timing continue to astound and amaze, without losing the ferocity of being primarily a death metal band.” — Metal Wani

“A triumphant return.” — The Weekend Sport

“If there was a manual on how to make technical death metal interesting, The Zenith Passage should write a chapter.”  —  Ave Noctum

“Super tight instrumental work, catchy machine gun riffing, and plenty of spooky alien prog shit…” – Toilet Ov Hell

“…one of the better tech death albums of the last decade. They have always been a tight, polished band musically speaking. This is an algorithm you want to be a part of…” — Technical Music Review

“It’s so tight in some sections it could crack at any second and in just the first four songs you have been taken to a new state of how technical complexity can still move you on an emotional level as opposed to being wowed by how good they are with their respective instruments.” – Musipedia Of Metal

“…the band’s best work to date…” – Ghost Cult

“One of the tightest and best-performed albums I have heard in 2023.” – Teeth Of The Divine