THE PINE BOX BOYS: San Francisco Horrorbilly/Alternative Bluegrass Outfit To Release Fifth Album The Feast Of Three Arms In October

PBBs_©Bryan-Davis-Photography-web[photo by Bryan Davis Photography]

San Francisco-based horrorbilly/alternative bluegrass quartet THE PINE BOX BOYS will release the band’s fifth full-length in October, the collection of murderous ballads dubbed The Feast Of Three Arms.

Over the course of four albums, San Francisco’s THE PINE BOX BOYS have charted the course of a killer named Willie who, accompanied by a rogue’s gallery of other nefarious types, slashed a bloody career across the south and westward to the territories. On their fifth album, The Feast Of Three Arms, the murder balladeers introduce us to Willie’s cousin, Jubal with No Last Name, and his quest to kill the man that did his mama wrong. This detailed tail is delivered through seventeen movements, with Raww leading each ballad with a spoken oration, setting the scene for each subsequent musical segment of this ill-omened tale to unfold. The album features guest contributions of fiddle by Alisa Rose and keys by Nigel Pavao, was recorded at Coast Recording and mixed at Discrete Recording, both in San Francisco, and completed with artwork by Tabitha “Stabitha” Lahr.

The Feast Of Three Arms will be released on THE PINE BOX BOYS‘ own imprint, LTR, a division of Hollins & Hollins Mortuary Entertainment, with distribution through City Hall Records, on CD and all digital platforms on October 21st. Audio teasers, preorder links, live performances, and much more action pertaining to the record will unravel into the mainstream over the dark weeks ahead.

THE PINE BOX BOYS began as a project dreamed up by Lester T. Raww, brought into existence in 2003, a bluegrass band dedicated to both preserving and updating the craft of the southern murder ballad, aspiring to lift the form to operatic heights. Along the way they have slain many lads and lasses, wept for many lost loves, and raised many bitter zombies. Raww himself was weaned on the murder ballad. “Knoxville Girl,” “Pretty Saro, “Omie Wise,” and others were sung by Mama Raww, as she coaxed the troubled troubadour to fitful sleep. Raww tried his hand at composing an original song or two for the band and found that he had struck a vein. Performers of songs of murder and misery, and often described as “horrorbilly” and “bloodgrass,” the band is fully realized with Lester T. Raww on vocals and guitar, Alex “Possum” Carvidi on banjo and keys, Col. Timothy Leather handling the bass, and Steven “Your Uncle” Dodds on drums and percussion.


The Feast Of Three Arms Track Listing:
1. Introduction
2. Mama Had A Third Arm
3. It’s Comfy in My Coffin
4. That Boys is Trouble Pt. II
5. Parmalene
6. Crow Feathers
7. I Killed the Band
8. Our Christian Duty
9. Mighty, Mighty Preacher
10. The Judge
11. Rise
12. Dog Named Death
13. Meet My Wife
14. Blameless
15. Rushee Roo-let
16. The River
17. Bury Me