THE OMINOUS CIRCLE: Portuguese Death Metal Sect Premieres “Poison Fumes” Via Decibel Magazine As Appalling Ascension Debut Nears Release

the-ominous-circle-05out2016_jf_0253-web-photo-by-joao-fitas[photo by João Fitas]

A tumultuous new torrent of suffocating death metal from Portugal’s THE OMINOUS CIRCLE, and the act’s impending, Appalling Ascension debut album is now playing through an exclusive stream at Decibel, as the record is prepared for release through a 20 Buck Spin and Osmose Productions cooperation.

THE OMINOUS CIRCLE certainly live up to the first part of their name. The Portuguese death metallers are shrouded, literally and figuratively, in mystery. It doesn’t, however, take a detective to know that THE OMINOUS CIRCLE unleashes memorable and unique death metal,” Decibel issues of the decimating track premiere. “While ‘Poison Fumes’ clearly takes a cue from bands like Immolation, THE OMINOUS CIRCLE‘s music is their own, adding in varying doses of oppressive heaviness, blasting sections and slowed down moments.

Inhale the sweet scent of your demise with THE OMINOUS CIRCLE’s “Poison Fumes” at Decibel RIGHT HERE.

Also stream the previously issued “From Endless Chasms” at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Featuring artwork by Timo Ketola (Dead Congregation, SUNN O))), Teitanblood), Appalling Ascension will be released on CD, 2xLP, cassette, and digital formats January 27th, in North America through 20 Buck Spin and in Europe through Osmose Productions. Physical preorders will be issued in the coming days. For now, US digital preorders, which include an instant download of “From Endless Chasms,” can be placed HERE.

The first on-stage ceremonies for THE OMINOUS CIRCLE have been initiated, the band having made their live debut in November, with more live actions being slated for 2017.

5/27/2017 RCA Club – Lisbon, PT w/ Asphyx

Comprised of membership from the Blinding Light regions of Portugal, THE OMINOUS CIRCLE is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land. Appalling Ascension is their initiation into this upper physical world, undulating like a prophesied curse into the increasing chaos of modern “life.” While the reverent tropes of nowadays death metal will be recognizable to ‘CIRCLE adherents, the cauldron is mixed in myriad conjurations that stray from the retreating safety inferior forces are prone to linger in. Moments of oppressive death doom, grinding blasts of mania, rancid melodies and mid-tempo dynamic necromancy on tracks like “From Endless Chasms” and “As The Worm Descends” canonize these odious psalms into timeless lore. The late obsession of some to ignore songwriting in favor of cavernous ambient suffocating “evil” doesn’t play on Appalling Ascension – here instead, and most welcome, are crushing and barbarous dark death metal songs for initiates to devote themselves to, and to enter the pantheon of most memorable debut recordings. And in the fashion of the most auspicious horror, this is only the beginning. Devotees to the works of Dead Congregation, Teitanblood, Triumvir Foul, Immolation, Irkallian Oracle, Aevangelist, Sulphur Aeon, and similar devastation should make the album a priority for the start of the year.

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