THE OMINOUS CIRCLE: Appalling Ascension Debut By Portuguese Death Sect Now Streaming At Noisey; Album Out Friday Via 20 Buck Spin/Osmose

The Ominous Circle 05out2016_JF_0227_web [photo by João Fitas][photo by João Fitas]

Appalling Ascension, the tumultuous debut album by Portuguese death metal sect THE OMINOUS CIRCLE, will see a cooperative release through 20 Buck Spin and Osmose Productions this Friday, January 27th. On the verge of its public infiltration, the entire album has been unleashed through an exclusive stream hosted by Noisey.

With the early stream, Noisey offers of the album, “Throughout its eight tracks, Appalling Ascension devotes its time to roiling riffs, apocalyptic percussion, an impossibly heavy low end, and echoing growls–classic modern dark death metal, really, with perhaps even more of a ghoulish doom edge and some truly nasty guitar work. Unlike many of its cave-dwelling peers, the band obviously pours real effort in crafting songs, not just song fragments sandwiched between swaths of spooky atmosphere…”

Stream THE OMINOUS CIRCLE’s Appalling Ascension in its entirety RIGHT HERE.

Featuring artwork by Timo Ketola (Dead Congregation, SUNN O))), Teitanblood), Appalling Ascension will be released in North America through 20 Buck Spin and in Europe through Osmose Productions. The CD and digital will be released on January 27th, the 2xLP to follow in early March. US preorders for all formats are live HERE and European preorders HERE.

Comprised of membership from the Blinding Light regions of Portugal, THE OMINOUS CIRCLE is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land. Appalling Ascension is their initiation into this upper physical world, undulating like a prophesied curse into the increasing chaos of modern “life.” The late obsession of some to ignore songwriting in favor of cavernous ambient suffocating “evil” doesn’t play on Appalling Ascension – here instead, and most welcome, are crushing and barbarous dark death metal songs for initiates to devote themselves to, and to enter the pantheon of most memorable debut recordings.

Decibel Magazine offers of Appalling Ascension, “THE OMINOUS CIRCLE‘s Appalling Ascension is frighteningly good. And from it, death metal’s timeless slumber is awakened. The mega-demon long bereft of new victims to devour whole, scare through to the soul, or force, by way of sound and spirit, disciples to worship fervently anew is real.” Metal injection writes in an early track premiere, “Darkness slowly descends over the opening moments as instruments grow into the mix. Harsh bellows emerge roughly ninety seconds in, spitting venom over bombing snares, kicks, and crashes. Curling riffs roar and dance, eventually engulfing the finale of the track in a fiery blaze. THE OMINOUS CIRCLE heeds wisdom from the likes of Incantation and disEMBOWELMENT in crafting songs like ‘As The Worm Descends’ and much of what else appears on Appalling Ascension.”

Nine Circles declares, “Appalling Ascension is an album that truly gives credence to the ‘ominous’ part of the band’s name. Combining the best of both old and new schools of thought into an absolutely monstrous sound, THE OMINOUS CIRCLE are here to silence anyone who thought death metal couldn’t get any better. With regard to both this band and the scene as a whole, the best is truly yet to come.” Dead Rhetoric’s review includes, “Their actual songs are thick with gloomy and dark atmosphere that keeps your attention with its macabre heaviness. The intro and instrumental may slow down some of their momentum, but the rest of the album casts some serious potential for those that like their metal to gaze into the abyss.”

5/27/2017 RCA Club – Lisbon, PT w/ Asphyx

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