THE LIVING FIELDS: Acclaimed Sophomore Album Out Now; Interviews Available

North American audiences can now get their hands on unique death/doom outfit THE LIVING FIELDS‘ vibrant sophomore album, Running Out Of Daylight, the record officially available today via Candlelight Records USA.

Running Out Of Daylight has literally been bulldozing the metal media, having received standing ovations from writers and magazines all over North America and Europe over recent weeks. Enriching their symphonic, epic metal through the use of piano, violin, viola, cello, and acoustic guitar and more, THE LIVING FIELDS take their already well-known distinctive style to great new heights on Running Out Of Daylight.

In support of the new album, the band are available for phone interviews to North American journalists; get in touch with Earsplit for availability.

“One of progressive metal’s most tantalizing prospects… a genuinely evolutionary way of songwriting.” – Terrorizer

“…one of the best metal albums of 2011.” – Teeth of the Divine

“…one of the year’s more somber and striking efforts….Just about masterful, this one.” – Blistering

“I can’t think of another band that sounds much at all like them, and that’s one hell of a compliment in today’s saturated consumer climate.” – Metal Review

“Whether it’s the lyrics or the music, the layers are stacked to infinity, and only diligent music fans will take the time to peel them apart.” –

“…simultaneously progressive and accessible by an audience anxious for melody and vast, sweeping song structure.” – Metal Army America

“They come at their style from an interesting angle of pushing the envelope to include many emotions.” – Metal Underground

“…one of the richest and multi-leveled releases we have received in 2011.” – Infernal Masquerade

Stay tuned for more updates on THE LIVING FIELDS over the coming weeks via Earsplit, as well as the band’s the band’s newly-designed/updated website where you can also download their 2004 demo, The Miseries Never Cease, for free.