The Flenser To Release Debut From Animate Metal Sorcerers SEIDR

The avant-garde metal craftsmen at The Flenser are proud to announce the signing of the unique entity SEIDR to the label’s growing roster. SEIDR’s debut full-length release For Winter Fire is in its final stages of completion for the label and will be unveiled to the public in late Spring 2011.

With only a handful of self-released demos and EP’s to their credit since their 2009 inception, the unit known as SEIDR are brand new to widespread metal legions as of now, but their organic postrock-influenced black/death/doom output is sure to fascinate forward-thinking fans of the contemporary bastardization of extreme metal. With the bulk of the band’s lyrical content mainly centered on spirituality, nature and the cosmos, musical comparisons to the SEIDR sound can be traced to acts ranging from Asunder to Katatonia to Fauna and well beyond, with dramatic progressions raging from the beautiful elements of Alcest to the hallowing funeral crush of Disembowelment within the same hymn at times!

Formed in the open-minded music haven of Louisville, Kentucky, one of SEIDR’s most notable aspects may be that one of the two main songwriters is Austin Lunn, the solo artist behind anarcho-black metal solo act Panopticon, with recent releases also a part of the Flenser family. Together Lunn (guitar, vocals, recorded drumming) and his songwriting counterpart Wesley Crow (guitar, vocals, recorded bass) wrote all of For Winter Fire, and recently revamped the band’s full-time lineup to include live vocalist Jack Hannert and bassist Adam Nicholson. SEIDR completed several mini-tours of the East Coast and Midwest US in 2010, and already in 2011 completed a mini-tour with Falls of Rauros and Lake of Blood.

Expect sporadic touring from SEIDR throughout 2011 in support of the upcoming debut full-length, and expect the final details for this intriguing album to be released in the coming weeks.