THE DEVIL’S BLOOD North American Release Announced; Interviews Available Now

Dutch rock occultists THE DEVIL’S BLOOD have spent the last three years clawing their way through the musical establishment, infecting audiences the world over with their enchanting, seductive, haunting hymns. Hailed for their sublime spiritual rituals as well as their high quality releases — which include their free, 4-track 2007 demo, the Graveyard Shuffle 7″ EP (Ván Records) and 2008’s Come, Reap EP (Ván/Profound Lore) — the band have shown their definitive musical vision and clear spiritual path.

The band’s debut full-length The Time of No Time Evermore was released in Europe in September of 2009, to amazing reactions and incredibly high ratings from fans and critics alike. The 11-track album showcases some of the most ethereal yet hard-rocking passages the rock genre has to offer. This incredible album will finally be officially released in North America this May 25th, 2010!

The band is determined to spread their sorrowful celebrations across an even wider audience and will do so in the coming year by performing more live rituals over mainland Europe and expanding to other parts of the world.

Interviews with the band as well as promotional copies of The Time of No Time Evermore are available now via Earsplit. Please get in touch right away with all requests on covering this masterpiece!

The Time of No Time Evermore track listing:
1. The Time of No Time
2. Evermore
3. I’ll Be Your Ghost
4. The Yonder Beckons
5. House of 10.000 Voices
6. Christ or Cocaine
7. Queen of My Burning Heart
8. Angel’s Prayer
9. Feeding The Fire With Tears And blood
10. Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament
11. The Anti-Kosmik Magick