THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS: Atlanta Mathcore Group To Release Celebrity Therapist September 2nd Via MNRK Heavy/Modern Static Records; “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?” Video Now Playing At Revolver

Photo by Grant Butler

June 2nd, 2022 – Atlanta, Georgia-based mathcore group, THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS, will unleash their anticipated Celebrity Therapist full-length on September 2nd via MNRK Heavy together with Modern Static Records

Comprised of charismatic frontman Carson Pace, possessed like a young Mike Patton, fretboard abusing guitarists Maddie Caffrey and Dan Hodsdon, frantic bassist Jack Buckalew, destructive drummer Sam Williamson, and spirited violinist Amber Christman, THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS revive noise rock like they’re summoning the dead. The recklessly free-spirited collective deliver a vibrant combination of mathcore, sasscore, and post-hardcore — a sound that is at once abrasive, chaotic, and classy. Reveling in high-strung extremity their music is dense, impenetrable, and chaotic yet confusingly inviting as each song deliriously swerves across stylistic lines.

The band Kill Your Stereo called “insane, intricate, and impressive” introduced themselves to the underground with 2019’s Die On Mars. Metal Injection insisted the group’s riotously explosive debut “is gonna make you punch everyone ever in the face” and they meant it in the best way possible. The music on Celebrity Therapist shockingly ups the ante with sadistic precision.

Declares Pace, “Celebrity Therapist speaks to sense for the senseless. Who guards the blind, and who leads? What do we have, if not foresight? Misattribute these lyrics. We’re all following someone’s voice. But listen, the world ended again today. We brought you flowers, and something new.

We’re excited to share our new home with MNRK Heavy, amongst an incredible roster of artists,” Pace continues. “This record is the result of our most emotional process to date, and every member threw their life into its creation. We’re grateful to enable that risk with every step.

Every band claims to combine the most devastating of heavy riffs with the catchiest of melodies, but this crew does precisely that with a wrecking ball of unrestrained frenzy and total mayhem. THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS comes from the school of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, and The Chariot, with a heightened degree of theatricality as one of the methods to their madness. Think Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy getting slapped around good-naturedly by Glassjaw. Celebrity Therapist even indulges in a bit of drone and avant-garde post-rock a la Sigor Rós and Radiohead.

Lyrically, contemplation and self-awareness run throughout Celebrity Therapist. “The whole album is about history repeating itself and how we kind of move in circles,” the singer notes. “It’s two steps forward and three steps back with a bunch of people in my life. The album is me reflecting on these people but realizing I’m guilty of the same at the end of the record. There are a lot of ‘fuck you’ songs because every heavy band likes writing those. But overall, the lyrics are more introspective and quite loving.”

In advance of the record’s release, THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS today unveil a video for “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?,” now playing at Revolver.

Comments Pace, “You can’t spot an angel-in-disguise, but you won’t refuse her. You’ve got a quick draw. The dust piles higher by the day/where you avert your eyes.”

Adds Revolver, “Musically, it’s a perfect introduction to the wild world of DAOBOYS. For every skronky guitar spasm and rhythmic tongue-twist, there’s a majestically catchy chorus or a destructively heavy breakdown that actually rewards the ear with something singable or moshable. It’s not just messy and weird for the hell of it, there’s an actual purpose and intentionality to its structure, and so many sonic tidbits to sink your teeth into.”

Watch THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS’ “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?” video at THIS LOCATION

View the band’s previously released video for “A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops” HERE.

Celebrity Therapist will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Celebrity Therapist Track Listing:
1. Violent Astrology
2. A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops
3. Beautiful Dude Missile
4. Title Track
5. Field Sobriety Practice
6. The Elephant Man In the Room
7. What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?
8. Star Baby

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS will kick off a near month-long US tour with Limbs and Greyhaven this week! The journey will commence on June 3rd in Amityville, New York and run through June 24th in Chicago, Illinois. See all confirmed dates below.

THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS w/ Limbs, Greyhaven:
6/03/2022 Amityville Music Hall – Amityville, NY
6/04/2022 Knitting Factory Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
6/05/2022 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
6/07/2022 Preserving Underground – New Kensington, PA
6/08/2022 Big Room Bar – Columbus, OH
6/10/2022 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
6/11/2022 HENAO Contemporary – Center Orlando, FL
6/12/2022 Archetype – Jacksonville, FL
6/14/2022 Empire Control Room & Garage – Austin, TX
6/15/2022 Three Links Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX
6/17/2022 Downtown Underground Mesa – Mesa, AZ
6/18/2022 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
6/19/2022 Goldfield Trading Post – Sacramento, CA
6/21/2022 The Beehive – Salt Lake City, UT
6/22/2022 Lost Lake – Lounge Denver, CO
6/24/2022 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
Carson Pace – vocals
Maddie Caffrey – guitar
Dan Hodsdon – guitar
Jack Buckalew – bass
Amber Christman – violin
Sam Williamson – drums