THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE – New Song Stream Available Via Decibel is currently streaming the title track off THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE‘s harrowing Henosis full-length, released earlier this year via Transcendental Creations. Their second offering of audio darkness seeks and explores the realm of the One, the Source, the Ultimate, that which the ancients called Henosis. H.T. Mozes and S. Serpentijn’s raw-to-the-bone, primitive black metal is once again displayed in full-force and accentuated by passages of grandiose, celestial ambiance.

Check out “Henosis” HERE.

It is with this album that the band dig deeper into the soil of past cults and ancient mystics’ interpretations of the mystery of Henosis. THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE take the torch of veteran black metal bands Beherit, Samael and Archgoat and carry it proudly in these dark times of the new millennium.

“…these Dutchmen are indeed flying to the southern most point: a place where Satan himself awaits The Beast of the Apocalypse to congratulate the glory of Henosis.” — Metal Army America

“This record is the stuff nightmares are made of, and the type of sick music that fans of the genre gravitate towards with a unnatural level of eagerness.” — Metal Underground

“…a solid album that fans of murky, near-suicidal black metal will want to add to their listening rotation.” —

“This is dense, propulsive, hypnotic Black Metal that is worthy to bear the name.” — Metal Crypt